Opposites Attract + Daniel Wellington

“It’s always the right time with the right person”




His: Watch | Blazer | Pants  | Button Up | Tie (similar) | Shoes | Belt

Me: Watch | Blouse | Tie | Pants (similar) | Shoes

Hey guys! So this handsome guy is my hubs that I continuously talk about. My husband, my rock, my life partner. He is usually behind the camera and if you thought convincing him to play photographer was hard you have no idea how hard it was convincing him to get in front of the camera! It basically took the Daniel Wellington team sending us these watches!

What didn’t take a lot of convincing was when I sent my husband the DW link and asked him to choose a watch. That decision was made real quick. 🙂 Little did he know he was agreeing to a couple pictures as well! Brandon is a man who loves his neutrals and classic , wear forever and ever pieces, which makes Daniel Wellington a perfect fit for his taste. If you took a peek into his well organized, color coordinated side of the closet you’d find a lot of blue, black and gray. My side of the closet on the other hand is not color coordinated nor well organized. Even on mornings where I do spend time organizing and color coding I quickly become deflated when walking into his side of the closet. Those are just organization goals I just will never achieve, haha.

Which brings me to the topic of the day, how opposite we are! Brandon and I were friends years before we were dating and for those of you who know us both personally know that you’ve quickly realized how different we really are! But I couldn’t imagine any other way.

1-I cook, he cleans. He doesn’t cook. Like, AT.ALL. But while I cook, he’s doing the laundry (which I do not enjoy doing) and cleans the house.

2-I’m not that organized. I’m a clean person and I thought I was a pretty organized person until I met him. He just takes our household to the next level. I can appreciate that. Sometimes when I’ve put away the dishes I’ll come home to find him reorganizing the pots and pans lol.

3-He hates taking pictures. Me? My phone just doesn’t have enough storage for this selfie game 🙂

4-He sees things in black and white. Me? I’m 50 shades of pink. To him there is a yes and there is a no, there is a clear direct path from point A to point B, but I need to know the who, the what, the why’s and how it made you feel! LOL

5-If it wasn’t for him, I’d be a beach bum with a great wardrobe. In other words, he is much better in handling our finances. I don’t know what I would do without his guidance in this area. Well, actually I do know. I’d be a beach bum with a great wardrobe 🙂

I will never forget when I barely even knew him and I would always see him at a mutual friends house during their parties. His friends would always try to set him up because he would never bring over a girl. One night someone asked him, “why don’t you have a girlfriend?” and he answered “I’m building an empire” and walked away.

(insert 100 laughing emjois!!) Not for a second did I think that man was going to end up my husband! And I am laughing as I type this because now that I know him that answer is so fitting to his personality. He is very matter of fact and the fact at that moment was he was too busy for a girl. That’s just the way he chose to communicate it LOL

Oh, this guy…I love him so dearly. Not only does he make me LMAO daily, he completes me. I promise I will have a “Things Brandon says” post in the future because it’s too funny not to share!

Shop his watch here and mine here. Use the discount code STYLE_LYNN for 15% off.

Wishing you all an amazing week!! Thank you so much for reading!

xo, Roselyn

**Sponsored Post: Thank you Daniel Wellington for sponsoring this post. As always, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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19 thoughts on “Opposites Attract + Daniel Wellington

  1. Aw this is so cute!! Just shows you how important balance is in a relationship. You two completely balance each other perfectly, from the sounds of it. Reminds me of my boyfriend and I in a lot of ways. And how amazing are Daniel Wellington’s watches?! Just got mine a few weeks ago. Obsessed with it!

    1. Aren’t they amazing?! They are so timeless and classic! It takes a lot for Brandon to wear accessories so that fact that he loves his says something!! And I couldn’t agree with you more on balance. It’s funny how much opposites attract isn’t it?!

      Thanks for reading love!! Have an amazing day! Xo!

  2. I absolutely love this post! I loved reading about how you two are so different, but I think that totally works! You two are a beautiful couple and I’m glad he got out from behind that camera. He is SO rocking that watch.


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