To Be Or Not To Be? Basic.

Apparently there is a fine line between being basic and not basic. I’m sorry to all you Kreayshawn fans out there, but being basic doesn’t exactly mean one is not awesome.


I’ll be honest- I have other “don’t be basic” themed tees in addition to this one. If you would have walked up to me last week and asked me if I was basic. I would have said “ummm, NO!” with an “I can’t believe you just asked me that” look on my face.

Let me give you one example of why I’m NOT basic:

  1. I do not conform to things/trends just because. If I like it then I like it. If I don’t then I don’t pretend to.

This should be the only reason you need to define you are not “basic”.



Sweater | Button Up | Denim | Similar Kate Spade | Similar Heels | Similar Bracelet | Earrings

I read through lists upon lists of what different social sites define as being basic. One of the explanations includes a definition of a “Basic B****” from Urban Dictionary which was too harsh for my taste. These lists of describing a “basic” person were pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

I’ll give you 20 things that were common amongst these lists and I guarantee you check at least 10. Not because you are basic but because you are a human.

  1. You’re basic if you like Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

-Ummm. Okay. If you don’t like coffee that tastes like dessert, you might be a robot with no taste buds.

  1. You’re basic if you love brunch.

-A meal that makes it totally acceptable to drink before noon? You can call me super basic on this one.

  1. You’re basic if you had a wedding board on Pinterest before you were even engaged.

-Yes. And I call this good planning.

  1. You have a spin instructor that you claim all your friends “must try”!

-Yes, I have the name of 3 instructors you must try actually!

  1. You’ve done a juice cleanse.

-Yeah, I like living a healthy lifestyle.

  1. You love Taylor Swift.

-Ummm, have you heard this girl sing? And do you see all the amazing, selfless things she does? C’mon you may not be her biggest fan, but you love her too.

  1. You’re basic if you’ve told someone you loved them after a couple cocktails.

-I overly tell people how much I love them after zero cocktails soooo…again another reason I am “basic” according to “the list”.

  1. You’ve made your own jean shorts.

-I can’t even. Of course I have! What else am I going to do with perfectly fitting denim that has paint splatter all over them?!

  1. You’re basic if you own jean shorts.

-Omg, is this seriously on the list?

  1. You’re basic if you like Starbucks.

-Starbucks has coffee, tea, smoothies, sandwiches, water, the cutest coffee mugs and dessert. What’s not to like?

  1. You’re basic if you wear leggings.

-#sorrynotsorry I enjoy comfort.

  1. You’re basic if you love scented candles.

-Yes, I like things that smell yummy.

  1. Sometimes you refer to Mean Girl quotes.

-You go Glen Coco.

  1. You’re basic if you cry when you watch The Notebook.

-Yes, I have a heart and feelings.

  1. You’re basic if one of your life goals was/is to purchase Louboutins.

-It’s called good taste.

  1. You’re basic if you get excited about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

-That’s like asking a man why he’s excited about the Super Bowl.

  1. You’re basic if you take selfies.

-I guess I was basic all weekend.

  1. You’re basic if you take food pictures.

If I think something is pretty, even if its food, I want to share my pic with the world.

  1. You’re basic if you abbreviate words.

-See #18. Guilty.

  1. You’re basic if you love frozen yogurt.

-Literally, laughing out loud! I’m done with this list!

So if you would like to read these long lists in detail feel free to google basic girl vs. non basic. You might be surprised like I was to see how many have put together lists to describe Basic B’s.

Also, for pure entertainment purposes here’s a link to a BuzzFeed questionnaire to tell you just how basic you are LOL.

I scored 37 out of 119 which tells me “Yeah, you like basic s#@!. But there’s a reason why popular things are popular: They aren’t that bad. Go grab a burrito bowl and crack open that D.C. — you deserve it.”

After reading these articles of how being basic is described, I’m thinking my favorite “don’t be basic” tanks should really say “don’t be human”. LOL

I would love to hear your thoughts on this term. I think I’ll stick with my definition of “don’t be basic” because I like it better. I am my own person. I will like what I like and post it all over Instagram because I like it. I will continue to make my own jean shorts and wear them while I eat my fro-yo and drink pumpkin spice lattes. I am, basically not basic.

xo, Roselyn

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19 thoughts on “To Be Or Not To Be? Basic.

  1. According to this list, I’m basic right along with the rest of the world. Where do people come up with this stuff?! Haha. Love the outfit and how you dressed up the sweatshirt. Great post!!! ?

  2. I’d like to know what it is that the people that wrote these lists actually like. According to them I’m pretty basic, and I can assure you that I nor any of us are, we just like the finer things in life. Like the quote says, “there’s a reason why they’re popular” its cause they’re freaking good!! I guess being awesome is the new ‘basic’. So let’s continue to be basic. ~Anna


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