10 Houston Coffee Shops I Need To Try This Summer

Houston has so many yummy restaurants, fun bars and delicious coffee shops! I have so many Houston favorites so every time I am in the city for work I feel like I always just gravitate towards places I already know and love! I really need to branch out LOL! So today I am listing 10 coffee shops I currently have on my radar. Putting it out there into the universe so that I actually do it, haha! Maybe you’ll join me in trying out some new coffee shops too!

10 Houston Coffee Shops To Try

  1. Giant Leap Coffee – Uptown Park – I see and smell this coffee shop every time I am shooting in the area but I never have time to go in. I will make sure I make time for it the next time I am in the uptown park area.
  2. Retrospect Coffee – The owner turned one of Houston’s first gas stations into a coffee shop! I think that is so neat!
  3. Through Good Coffee – Houston Heights – Through Good Coffee serves locally sourced coffee and tea. I loved reading the owners story regarding the coffee shops location. “I purchased the land at twenty four years old, forty years ago. The building known as ThroughGood Coffee today has been the place of multiple labors of love since it was originally constructed. Originally built as a daycare center for economically disadvantaged families. It has always been a place of inspiration, innovation and love.”
  4. South Side Espresso – Westheimer – I have gone to Uchi many times but never realized there was a coffee shop right behind it. Apparently you must try a pastry while you are there enjoying a cup of coffee!
  5. Doshi House – Third Ward – So this place was recommended as a yummy vegan spot but I looked at the menu and the coffee selection looks amazing!
  6. Clutch City Coffee – I drove by this coffee shop a few weeks ago and I had no idea it existed! Apparently it’s a “drive through only” coffee shop so I will definitely be driving through there soon and will let ya’ll know what I think!
  7. Ten Fold Coffee – Okay, I cheated! I had this blog post in draft and met my girlfriends for coffee here last week so I get to check this one off of the list 🙂 I highly recommend this place. The coffee was good! I had the vanilla latte with macadamia milk creamer. Delish!
  8. Agora – Montrose- Coffee and wine spot? Yes please! Agora offers gourmet coffees, imported ales & beers, and a wide selection of wines in a very warm, old-world, artistically inspiring atmosphere. Agora also offers, many european delicacies, including Greek yogurts and cheeses.
  9. Fix Coffee Bar – Montrose – I saw someone share a latte that had rainbow sprinkles on the rim of the mug and I instantly knew I had to add this to my list of coffee shops to visit!
  10. Amsterdam Coffee – Houston Heights- Yes, cannabis is also on the menu if you are wondering! Amsterdam Co. CoffeeHouse is a very unique 1900’s Dutch Colonial located at 807 W. 19th St. Your local neighborhood European style CoffeeHouse & CBD Dispensary. Amsterdam CoffeeHouse aims to educate its patrons on cannabis and it’s many benefits, as well as serve “exotic,” specialty coffees.

Eeekk, I get so excited when I think about coffee shops LOL! I can’t wait to try all of these places and report back! Let me know if you will be trying some of them out too!

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