3 Things Under 20 Minutes That Are Good For The Mind, Body & Soul

Between working full time, chasing after a little one, running a business and trying to stay healthy, I am constantly looking for ways to live a  healthier lifestyle with limited free time.

Today I am partnering up with Pronamel to share the 3 things that are good for the mind, body & soul and, most importantly, things that can be done in 20 minutes or less. Mamas you are going to want to read on!


1- Relaxing at home with a face mask 


There aren’t many things I love more than applying a face mask with some quiet time at home. It’s an added bonus that they do wonders for your skin too! Very rarely do I have time to enjoy a full spa day so any self-care activities I can do at home is a win in my book. 

2- Working out 


Even on busy days, I like to take at least 20 minutes to get a workout in. Whether that is at home, at the gym or just a walk outside. Working out makes me feel so much better mentally and physically. 

3- Brushing with Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair 


There aren’t many things that you can do in two minutes that help you live a healthier lifestyle, but brushing with Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair toothpaste is one of them! When brushing my teeth with Pronamel Repair, it is helping to actively repairing my acid-weakened enamel to strengthen and protect from everyday acids. 

I know to some of you that may not know me on a personal level might be thinking this toothpaste blog post is off-brand for me but truthfully it could not be more on brand. Ask my mom, dad or husband who have had to deal with my dentist bills in the past, haha. 

I actually started using Pronamel a few years ago because it was recommended by my dentist, who had explained acid erosion to me. Acids are found in certain foods and drinks such as my juice cleanses and my acai bowls. Let me tell you, I consume juices and acai bowls like they are going out of style because I am just trying to live that healthier lifestyle. While those foods and drinks may be good for my body, they were really doing a number on my teeth! Acid erosion can cause teeth to appear “see-through,” dull, discolored or even yellow. She handed me a tube and insisted I started using this toothpaste because Pronamel is actually the #1 dentist recommended brand for strengthening and protecting enamel. I immediately loved it! I endured years of having braces for a better smile, I couldn’t throw all that away. Pronamel to the rescue!

So, I was thrilled to learn a few months ago that Pronamel has a product that helps with that protection.  Pronamel Repair helps actively repair the effects that acids in certain foods can have on your enamel.

It was comforting to hear that Pronamel Repair was helping to keep my teeth healthy by not only cleaning my teeth, but also helping repair the effects of acid erosion from my diet. All of that without having to do anything extra but brush my teeth with it! I’m not sure gets any easier than that! 

So that’s why I chose to keep using Pronamel Repair. Will you join me?


Thank you Pronamel for sponsoring this post. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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