Balayage and Haircut with Estilo Salon


Hi babes!

A few months ago I met with Estilo Salon and Spa in the Montrose area to discuss some hair services. To be totally honest with you I was just thinking a hair cut because I literally have not colored my hair in over ten years. I didn’t want anything high maintenance. There are so many times I have seen a hairstyle in a magazine or on Pinterest and thought “I want my hair to look like that!” but then immediately thought about how much time I would have to sit in a chair and how often I would have to get a touch up. I wasn’t willing to commit. But in the middle of my conversation with Vanessa, one of the owners of Estilo Salon, I complimented her on her gorgeous hair. And she was like “oh my gosh, I haven’t colored my hair in 8 months and I was like “gimme some of that!” lol so basically that’s how I ended up deciding I was okay with trying out color again.

About 3 weeks later I met with Megan for my hair appointment and I’ve been in love with my hair ever since. Megan was super sweet and was trying to get an idea of what I wanted to do with my hair. My main concern like I said before was that I wanted it to be low maintenance and also I wanted to keep my length with long layers but I didn’t want it to look choppy when I wore my hair straight. She worked her magic and voila she gave my hair life and most importantly 2 months later I am still loving it and don’t feel like I will need to get a touch up any time soon. I’m hoping I can go like every 9 months LOL but I’ll let you know. And just to give you more info about my hair type in case you were considering changing up your hair. It’s naturally jet black, super straight and again, it had been over 10 years since I colored it. I did a full balayage highlight with a gloss to add shine. If you are wanting to schedule an appointment, I can highly recommend Megan Halvorsen!


Although I won’t be needing to get my bayalage touched up soon. I will be going back for another blowout! They are currently running a blowout special so I wanted to be sure I shared that with you all too!


Please let me know if you guys have any other questions. I would be happy to answer them!

xo, Roselyn



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