30 Days Of No Shopping Challenge Round Up + What I Learned

My 2 immediate reactions to completing a 30 day no shopping challenge:

1- I made it!! and 2- It actually wasn’t that hard!

Today I am sharing 4 things I learned from 30 days of no shopping and I’m also rounding up my 30 days of outfits since I totally slacked on sharing some of the days on Instagram like I had planned! Also, please note some of the items are from last year so I tried to find as many similar items as I could.

No Shopping Challenge

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Wore this chic little suit to Annie’s baby shower. Shared outfit deets here.

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So clearly I wear a lot of the same stuff I love over and over! My denim, blazers, heels and bags! I talked more about why I wanted to do this challenge in this blog post here but one of the most important things I wanted to achieve was to inspire you. I had quite a few of you reach out to me saying that you felt like bloggers are consistently pushing product in your face.

Part of our job is to introduce new products to you but I never want you to feel pressured to “keep up” and feeling like you have to buy all the things. Like I mentioned in this post, I don’t want you to feel the urge to purchase everything that I share because although I do really appreciate when you use my affiliate links when you decide to purchase something, I more so love when I inspire you or remind you that you have something similar in your closet that you didn’t think of styling a way that I shared. $0 needed! I’m here to inspire and motivate you to find your own personal style not to make you feel like you have to blow through your monthly budget and hide those packages from your husband. #guilty

What I Learned From 30 Days Of No Shopping

1- The trick to not being sucked into a sale is to NOT click on those email alerts!! – 50% off at Old Navy, Free Shipping at Sephora, BOGO at Target…holy smokes I didn’t realize how many retailers I was subscribed to! I actually like getting these emails every other month of the year so that I can share the deals with you guys but during my no shopping challenge I learned to delete those immediately. I didn’t even want to see what sales I was missing out on so I quit opening them. #fomo

2- I had way too many clothes that I didn’t even wear -I mean I guess I kind of knew that before but in this 30 day no shopping challenge I realized that there were so many things that I didn’t even have the desire to wear. I know we all have those items that we keep because we just know we’ll have a place to wear it one day but these pieces in my closet didn’t even fall into that category. This pushed me to donate 3 huge bags worth of stuff at the end of the month. I’ll continue to go through my closet in the upcoming weeks as well and will be giving a lot of the unworn stuff to some girlfriends and selling a few things at Crossroads.

3- I’m a stress shopper – So I am pretty good at keeping myself calm and finding balance in the most chaotic weeks but honestly week 2 of June I had so many deadlines and things happening personally that I honestly had what seemed like a miniature meltdown 🙂 I’m LOL’ing now but seriously I was like crying to Brandon about all the things I had to do and telling him that I felt like I was failing at everything in life and that I was a bad Mom because I didn’t get off at a decent hour a few days that week and Baby Weaver was the last to get picked up at daycare. And at the end of all this crying and feeling sorry for myself, I said (without even thinking about it) “and I can’t even shop to make me feel better”. After my sweet husband was trying to comfort me for like 15 minutes, he couldn’t help but laugh as soon as that came out of my mouth. #yourgirlhasgotproblems

4- I’m doing this challenge again – The ultimate lesson in my no shopping challenge was that it was so necessary. I purged my closet, I saved a TON of money, I saved a ton of time not shopping and I realized I had recently bought too many things I did not need. Aside from my mini meltdown I realized I needed to force myself to do it again. Clearly, I love fashion and trends. It’s how this little blog of mine began but I really liked how I felt after purging the things I had for years and was never going to wear. I know that I would not have done that otherwise because when I continuously add new things to my wardrobe who has time to go through it and get rid of things?!

So friends, does anyone want to join me for a No Shop August?! Email me or comment below! August is a few weeks away so this will still give you time to shop the Nordstrom sale strategically!! Let’s do this together. I promise you can call me if you have a mini meltdown 🙂

xo, Roselyn

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