4 Things I Plan On Achieving In My Month Of No Shopping

Yes you read that right! I have decided for the whole month of June I will not be shopping for anything. No clothes, no shoes, no makeup, no new throw pillows LOL. Not even buying any clothing related items for baby Weaver because his wardrobe is starting to get a little crazy like mama’s, haha.

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Outfit Details: Dress: Target | Handbag: Francesca’s | Sunglasses: Quay | Wedges: Similar styles here and here

4 Things I Really Want To Achieve In My No Month Of Shopping

1- Making use of what I already have – I know I’m not the only one that has never been worn items in their closet. Going through my closet this weekend, I’ve realized that even after piles and piles of donating and even selling items, I still have so many items I’ve never worn. In the next 30 days, I plan on wearing those items (and sharing them with you of course!) and if I don’t wear them then maybe it’s time to toss it!

2- Cleaning out my closet – Back to what I just said, if I don’t feel the urge to wear something this whole month of shopping than I am seriously considering donating it. I was actually a little disappointed in myself because I ordered something the other week and then as I was looking for something else in a drawer I realized I already had that shirt! What is this life I am living?!

3- Inspire you – I really want to take a step back and think of why I started my blog. Of course, it was to share fashion and life with you but most importantly, it was to inspire and motivate you to find your own personal style. That doesn’t have to mean buying the next new thing every.single.week. It means sharing outfits with you that you can recreate with items you already own or inspiring you to wear those 2 mix prints you already have in your closet for a whole “new” look. I don’t want you to feel the urge to purchase everything that I share although I do really appreciate when you use my affiliate links when you decide to purchase something! I more so love when I inspire you or remind you that you have something similar in your closet that you didn’t think of styling a way that I shared. $0 needed!

4 – Save some money – Do I have a budget? Yes. Do I always abide by it? Sadly, no. All these summer sales up the yin yang and now that I am shopping for 2 🙂 my shopping has gotten out of control and I really need to scale it back a bit! Also, I want to prove to my husband that I can actually do it. He doesn’t think I’ll go through with it. This really should be his Father’s Day gift, haha!

Also, fun fact. I actually did a 40 days of no shopping 3 years ago the month I started my blog. You can check one of those posts out here. Don’t judge the pictures please. 🙂

What I will also be doing on Instagram stories is sharing my outfit every single day. A lot of times what I post are my professionally taken photos and by sharing my day to day outfits on Instagram stories I will share how I style the same items different ways and hopefully inspire you to remix some items in your closet!

xo, Roselyn

Photos by Banavenue Photography

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