5 Ways To Have More Productive Employees

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Let’s be real, every work day isn’t perfect. On top of the stresses at work, we have to understand each individual may be dealing with things at home and in their personal life. Even though we hope that their personal life won’t affect their productivity at the work place, we still have to be sensitive to that.

Today I am sharing 5 things we can do to have more productive employees.

Get to know each individual– A connection will give you an opportunity to better understand what motivates them. This will also help you understand what they enjoy doing and what they are working toward. When an employee knows that their management cares about their success and they’ll have more motivation to work!

Acknowledge good work– I am very fortunate to have a great employer. I have worked for a few different companies and I can tell you that I can see how much my current employer cares for ther employees. And you know what? This actually makes me want to work harder for them. I do everything I can to make sure my direct reports feel appreciated. Recognition, take them out to thank you lunches, do something extra special for their work anniversary or birthdays, etc.

Be sure to acknowledge good work to keep motivation levels high and show much needed recognition.

Encourage taking risks– Whether it’s the first day or their 100th day in a position, always encourage your employees to question everything and to challenge direction, appropriately of course. The thing I really love about having new employees is their fresh perspective on things. They question processes that are in place and always make me brainstorm how we can be more efficient. By encouraging them to take risks, you are letting them know that you are open to new ideas and value their opinion.

Give your employees freedom and flexibility– In this Forbes article, “Job Hopping Is The New Normal” they state that the average worker stays at their job for an average of 4.4 years and Millennial’s are expected to stay in a job for no more than 3 years.  More and more you see people working virtually and having the flexibility of working from home.

Again, I am very fortunate enough to have flexibility at work but if you can’t offer your employee the flexibility to work from home, you can incorporate this in other ways. Like letting them be flexible with their hours to make their son’s baseball game or school party. Allow them to take a longer lunch because they’ve been working through them all week to complete a project.

This will make a huge difference in your team’s productivity and they will also appreciate you more!

If you are trying new ways to get your employees to engage more and motivate them, try some of these! I’d also love to hear some ideas that you have tried!

xo, Roselyn

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