Dear Moms, Do What Works For You


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I wore this feminine dress to my dear friend Brittany’s baby shower last weekend. I love the embroidered detail and length. It’s basically screaming “get here already Spring!”. Who else is with me? The slip is cream so you definitely need to wear nude color undergarments. I was actually afraid it would be see through but Dawn snapped these photos of me outside of Shelbi’s house and no embarrassing moments happened so if you were wondering the same thing about the cream slip underneath, have no fear! I am wearing a medium for reference.

Not only did we get to celebrate Brittany last weekend but we also got to celebrate another sweet friend Jessica and baby number 2! And the weekend prior we got to celebrate my friend Ashley’s baby shower! All three of them are having boys! It must be the year of boys! I love it! Baby Weaver is going to have all the friends!

Anywho with all this celebrating and being around a lot of my mama friends, it totally made me realize something. As you know, I am a new mom now and I am still trying to learn all of the things! Sometimes I have silly questions about things where the answers seem like they should be obvious and then I google it and then some website makes me feel like I’m doing it all wrong. It’s nice to chat with all my mom friends IRL and hear “do what works for you”. Between reading about sleep training, co-sleeping, what they should not be eating at this age and what you should be doing for them. It’s very overwhelming as a new mom. Especially when you are reading so many things on the internet and new parenting books. It’s just so nice talking to other Mom’s who have no judgement and so many in one group that are doing their own thing when it comes to parenting, they are doing what works for them. So I’ve decided that’s exactly what I am going to do.

Seriously, getting advice or recommendations from a complete stranger like someone sitting next to you in a restaurant as my son eats cabbage saying “you’re a brave woman, you’re gonna regret that later” had me googling for like an hour when I got home. Or that one time Brandon was out of town for work and the only free time I had to get groceries was after work right after I picked up baby from daycare. Baby started getting really tired when we were in the store (he is on his own very strict sleep schedule lol but I ain’t complaining) so my typically well behaved baby started crying and reaching for me. Naturally I picked him up out of the cart, and just continued shopping. Baby on my hip, heels on because I came straight from work and pushing this cart of groceries. I see those judging eyes. “Who wears heels to the grocery store?” and “Is that really safe to be holding your baby in heels while pushing a cart?”. It’s probably not on the top of the most safe things to do list but hey, I had an extremely happy baby being held by his mama and trust, I can walk fine in heels lady”.

Even if it sounds like I can brush those looks and comments off sometimes they have me questioning everything I do. Like the night after grocery shopping, I literally came home and felt like the worse person ever that I had to work all day and then bring a tired baby to grocery shop when I should have taken him straight home. It’s silly I know but I worry about stuff like that…I thought maybe it was just me, you know the one that had to figure out how to be a mama in the matter of hours but then I remembered every mom goes through that. They read, they prepare as much as they can and then you have to figure it out.

Anyway, I say all that to say, seriously Mom’s…do what works for you. Obviously, make educated decisions but when you make that decision, don’ let anyone make you feel like you are doing the wrong thing. If you and your baby are on a complete opposite schedule than what a new parenting book tells you, who cares. It’s working for you. If you have a happy & healthy baby and you are a happy mama then that’s all that matters! There’s an argument to everything. Things our parents did are frowned upon these days but honestly I’ll admit my generation ended up just fine 🙂 You do you, mama.

Thanks for letting me ramble! Per usual. 🙂

Happy Friday loves!

xo, Roselyn

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4 thoughts on “Dear Moms, Do What Works For You

  1. Girl, we all have had those days, weeks etc etc. And I was a stay at home mom. There were days with a new baby and a 2 yr old when Billy walked in the door I would hand him baby and say I need a couple minutes, I would drive around the block one or two, come back and I was good. Don’t be too hard on your self. Love ya

    1. I love you so much Aunt Juli! I don’t think it gets easier dropping him off at daycare! I just want to be with his sweet self 24/7!


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