10 Things To Give Up To Live A Happier Life

Happy wife, happy life. The end.

LOL, totally kidding! Life isn’t perfect but there is so much more to be happy about than to be upset about. Today I am sharing 10 things that we need to give up to live a happier life.


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10 Things To Give Up To Live A Happier Life

  1. Give up your need to control everything- this is huge! Things don’t always happen as planned and the more you learn to “go with the flow” the happier you will be. This doesn’t mean to sacrifice your end goal. It means if your steps 1, 2, 3 end up moving along as 1, 3, 2, it’s totally fine. You will find yourself less stressed and still accomplishing your goals.
  2. Give up complaining- this takes too much energy and not good energy. The more we complain the less time we have actually doing things and the less time we have focusing on the good.
  3. Give up those excuses- We can all find excuses of why we aren’t doing something or a lame excuse of why we don’t like someone. Be conscious of the next time you make up an excuse. You’ll probably laugh at yourself. I know I did!
  4. Give up negative people/negative energy- People that aren’t supportive of you, people who don’t give you good vibes when you talk to them. Or if you find one of your good friends being negative help lift them back up. Send them this list, lol
  5. Give up the past- Let’s all take a tip from Elsa, “let it go! let it go!”
  6. Give up the comparison game- everyone has their own struggles, their own story. Social media has this crazy way of making it seem like people’s lives are perfect but remind yourself that we are all human. We like to share those sweet, perfect moments on social media but that doesn’t depict every moment of our lives.
  7. Give up always needing to be right- pick your battles, learn to compromise…you know the drill
  8. Give up blaming others- this is so easy to do guys and it’s the worst thing we can do. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s so easy to blame others for our mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes every once in a while but let’s give up blaming others for them. We are our own person and we make our own decisions. The more we stop blaming others the more we start liking humans again ūüôā
  9. Give up self doubt- so important. We are our own worse enemy and we have to continue to remind ourselves of our worth. I love this one because it really reflects 1-9. Once we give up self doubt, we give up the comparison game, we give up the negativity, we give up excuses, we give up the past, etc. If you need to start somewhere in giving something up, start here.
  10. Give up¬†expecting all the credit- I have a quote in my office that reads “getting everything done is possible as long as you don’t care who gets the credit for it”. I live by this, especially at the office. My team has achieved all their goals and more this year. On paper it may look like I, as a manager, is rocking¬†my 2017¬†projects but I don’t achieve anything without my team and I will always remind my upper management of that. Far too often I see people, not just at the office but everywhere, wanting the credit for everything so they either 1) try doing all the work themselves or 2) simply take the credit for work they didn’t do. Both bad ideas.

I really hope this list helps you be conscious of simple tips of living a happier life. I know it’s easier said than done but¬†I promise once we start making baby steps it all starts to fall into place. I mean who doesn’t want to live a happier life?!

xo, Roselyn

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