Pink Sweater Dress + White Ankle Booties

      I walked into the room and Brandon says “you look shagadelic” 🙂 Mission accomplished.

Coming at ya with a bright and fun 70’s inspired look this Monday morning!


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Everyone once in a while I’m like “I wish I was taller” but then I come across fun sweaters like this pink one and get excited that my 5 foot 3 self can rock it as a dress. This Free People tunic comes in 5 pretty colors and I’m not gonna lie, I’m probably going to buy at least 2 more of them. They are so soft and so comfy. If we are around the same height you can just size up one size like I did and wear it as a sweater dress. I am wearing a medium for reference. If you are one of my tall friends (I don’t feel sorry for you 🙂 ) it looks equally as cute paired with skinny jeans!

Another great find are these ankle boots! Again, with my short legs 🙂 it is tough to find the perfect ankle boots that hit my leg at the right spot. These are the chosen one girls and they are under $30! Whaaaat?! Yes, you are welcome. They are so cute and so affordable that I actually got them in black too which I styled in my Friday’s post here.

Okay so after you snag up one of these cute Free People sweaters for yourself, I am needing some of your help today. As most of you know by know Brandon and I are adopting. It’s been quite the process and I know I have promised to share more with you but I haven’t had the time to write all of my thoughts down about this yet. I promise I will. You all have been so sweet with the prayers and messages. Our agency knew that we were out of the country the past few weeks so they had us on a list not to call when we were away. We didn’t tell them to do that but that’s another story and I truly believe everything happens for a reason/all in God’s timing. Anyway, we get a call from our caseworker on Thursday because they just wanted to check in and make sure we made it back okay and they notified us that a set of twins and a set of triplets became available when we were away. Ummmm….back to what I said a minute ago, everything happens for a reason. I mean we are excited and all but holy moly I can’t imagine what we would be like to go from 0 to 3?? Of course we would have said yes if we got the call but maybe God was like “girl you ain’t ready for that” lol.

So I say all of that to say I think this is going to happen before we even know it! We have been going through this process for almost a year now and talking about it even longer than that so we obviously have been talking about things we need to purchase. I’ve held off on getting a room set up and buying anything because honestly if I have a baby’s room set up and have to walk by it everyday it could be exciting and depressing at the same time. I hope you get what I am saying. So my question to you guys is, if you had to pick 5 things that were of immediate needs of a baby (or three) what would those 5 things be? Curious to hear everyone’s list! Feel free to message me here or via email at hello@thestylelynnlife.com.

 I can’t wait to share more with you all!

xo, Roselyn

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