3 C’s = Cactus Prints, Chiropractors and Coconut Oil

Happy Friday!

I’m not here to talk to you about the 3 C’s of effective communication or how to find the perfect diamond, but read on and I promise to share some other helpful knowledge!









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So I know the title of this post may have thrown you off, but in addition to this fun cactus print tee I wanted to share a couple regimens with you that have totally changed my life!

**If you have been following the blog for some time now, you know that I actually wrote this post last year. I am updating some of these “old” photos so I can link them to current products!


So I had been suffering from really bad migraines for almost a year. All of sudden, I started getting them and I could not figure out why. My doctor asked me to keep a food journal, they took my blood to see if it was a new allergy and the next step was to schedule an MRI. Of course, the 5 year old in me was doing all that I could to avoid that so I tried acupuncture which was actually instantly relief, but the migraines made their way back the following day. My sister in law and some friends told me I should try a chiropractor. Again, trying to avoid getting an MRI I took my first visit to the chiropractor. The first day was instant relief, but the next day I could feel a little lingering headache. The chiropractor advised that I should come every other day for the first week to see a real difference so I did and guess what guys?! I have been migraine free for over 8 months now!!  Seriously, if you have been on the fence about visiting a chiropractor for anything I say you totally need to try it! I probably would have never gone if my sister in law and friends did not keep suggesting it. Apparently, they can help in the baby making area too but that’s a story for another day! 🙂


Okay, so now my coconut oil secrets! Well, not really a secret! 🙂 You already know that coconut oil can be used for so many things; hair, skin and cooking obviously. Well, did you know that they can help rid of cavities too?!

All my life I have been cavity prone. I promise you it’s not because I eat cupcakes and cookies all the time! I really do take good care of my teeth, but some people are just more likely to get cavities than others. In October 2015, I went in for a routine deep cleaning and the dentist told me that I had 5 cavities. Yes, 5 you guys! She didn’t have time to fill them that day so I scheduled to come in the following week. But when the following week came I was standing in the dentist office and for some reason my appointment was not on their calendar and they couldn’t see me that day. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I was headed to Fiji that very next day. So frustrated and oh so ready for vacation I didn’t schedule another appointment. That’s when the hubby sent me an article on “oil pulling”. Oil pulling is done for oral detoxification by “swishing” a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for about 15 minutes. The article stated that this method pulls and lifts any bacteria from your mouth.

 Since we would be on vacation for quite some time and I didn’t want any of my teeth to fall out (I’m dramatic I know) I started this method immediately. After weeks out of the country and then life happening when we returned I didn’t make it to the dentist until 3 months later and you will never guess what they told me!! I only had 2 cavities!! I know cavities are not something to be excited about, but I’m just trying to tell you oil pulling totally works!!! If you read articles you will see that some people actually completely replace brushing with this method, but that is not my jam. I still brush regularly, but every other night I try to oil pull.

Are there any of you that have tried this method? Or anyone that has suffered from migraines that has not visited a chiropractor yet? I highly recommend both of these! I would love to hear your experience or feedback!!

Oh and the 3rd “C”, cactus prints, duh! They are and have been all the rage for some time now but they always resurface majorly during summer. I love this light weight tee from Shein and pairing this cotton tee with a blazer totally makes it office appropriate for casual Friday!

 Thank you so much for reading!

xo, Roselyn

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18 thoughts on “3 C’s = Cactus Prints, Chiropractors and Coconut Oil

  1. Love that top and those shoes!!! I have never heard of oil pulling before in my life!! SO interesting!! You learn something new every single day!! xo

  2. You know – I also have horrible teeth and cavities! I know that there’s SO much controversy around fluoride, but since I started using it every night (toothpaste + mouthwash) I haven’t had a new cavity in 6 years! I don’t want to jinx myself!! That’s awesome that the oil pulling works for you!! Cavities are SUCH a pain!!
    xo Annie

  3. I’ve heard so much about oil pulling but have yet to try it. A lot of people are getting great benefits from it. I just can’t imagine having oil in my mouth but all these rave reviews are wearing me down. Lol. My chiro and I are besties along with my massage therapists but let’s leave that for another day. I suffer from chronic everything! Love the outfit. Xoxo


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