Facts About Mom

Happy Friday you guys!

With Mother’s Day approaching it’s a perfect time to share some fun facts about Mom today! 3 facts about how amazing she is and 2 things that will make you laugh your butt off!


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These photos were snapped last weekend by my Dad (thank you Dad!). My Mom has made quite a few appearances on the blog but her outfit in this post might be my favorite. Oh and snag this beautiful maxi dress at PinkBlush. I am wearing a small which has already sold out but you can get in it 2 other colors!

Okay so if you know Mila, you already know these 3 things about her:

  1. She is so kind hearted. She gives without a second thought.
  2. She is a social butterfly. People fall in love with her the moment they meet her.
  3. She has a great voice. If you guy are ever around Karaoke, you will most likely hear her perform paper roses 🙂

Here are 2 great stories that you probably don’t know about her but they make me LOL every time:

  1. One time a family friend left their bike in my parents garage. My sister and I were inside of the house when we heard a large crashing noise. We ran outside to see what it was and my Mom had accidentally ran over the bike. But the hilarious thing is that when we ran outside in a panic we just found my Mom calmly sitting in her car eating an ice cream cone. I was OMG Mom! She just laughed and said “sorry!” like it was no big deal LOL and continued to enjoy her ice cream.
  2. At our wedding, I lost count of how many times she said “this is my night” during her and my Dad’s speech LOL. But let’s be honest it was totally their night too. It meant everything to me that they played such a big part in the wedding even down to a Filipino cultural performance. Yes Mom, we know “it was your night” LOL. I also lost count of how many times I had to tell her “no Mom, your friend cannot sing This Girl Is On Fire by Alicia Keyes at the wedding. 🙂

Oh Mila, never a dull moment with you! I am so incredibly blessed to be your daughter. I look up to you in all ways possible. There is no love bigger than yours and I wish I had your patience! I must have gotten mine from Dad, haha!

Love you Mom and I love you guys for reading!! Wishing you mamas a Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

xo, Roselyn


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