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Happy Friday friends!

I’m sure you guys have an idea of what you want to get most people on your list, but if you are still wondering about that perfect gift you want to get for a fashinionista or guy in your life, today’s post is for you!

Maybe you just started dating a new guy and don’t know all of his clothing sizes or maybe you have a fashionista coworker and you want to get her something she doesn’t have and you just don’t know what that is.


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Below I have listed 10 amazing online places where you can find them the perfect gift!

  1. Lurap (short for Love Ur Appearance)- The dress I am wearing in the photos above is a Lurap design. This site offers you the ability to choose a dress and customize it to your liking. Size, color, sleeves and you can even add pockets! Purchase online credit to send to your recipient. They will get to choose a garment of their liking and customize however they want! Also, they are offering 30% off on all products now using code FLAT30.
  2. Noble Brewer– For the beer lovers in your life! You set up your recipient for a beer subscription. Noble Beer does 4 releases a year so your recipient will receive a package every 3 months. There are 3 different subscription levels you can choose from.
  3. Cubicle Queen– okay ladies this a PERFECT gift to give to someone you work with or maybe your sister just landed a new office gig! CQ is a monthly subscription that specializes in the business professional wear. You just set up your online profile with your likes and dislikes and your stylist will get back to you with a list of items they think you will like. If you want o swap anything out you just let them know via text or email. Once you decide you like the selection, the send it to you in the mail and viola, work wear problem solved! Your #girlboss recipient is going to love this!
  4. Birchbox– Send the beauty lover a gift of cosmetics! You’ll be their favorite person forever! For only $10 a month Birchbox will send them a box of beauty samples personalized to their likings.
  5. To Go Spa– Maybe you have someone in your life who doesn’t exactly love makeup, but loves a good spa treatment. I mean who doesn’t?! Get them a monthly subscription to To Go Spa so that they will receive packages for at home spa treatment products!
  6. Winc (aka BUY ME THIS 🙂 ) – the perfect gift to send any time of year!
  7. Date Night Box– a perfect subscription to send to a couple! Each month they will receive a box that will include everything they’ll need for a fun, creative date night!
  8. Bombfell– Specializing in men’s fashion. Select a gift card amount to send to the guy in your life. He can customized to his specifications and when he receives his box he can use your gift card to purchase what he loves! How easy is that?!
  9. Rocksbox– I’ve talked about this company many times! A monthly subscription to the prettiest jewelry. Now all ladies would appreciate this!
  10. Awesome Pack– wanting to purchase a fun gift for a family in your life, but do not want to break the bank? Or maybe you pulled for a secret santa at work, but the only thing you know about the person is that they have a family. 🙂 Buy them the gift of Awesome Pack where they will receive monthly activities and board games sent right to their door!

I hope I helped you guys cross a few more people off of your list!

xo, Roselyn

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17 thoughts on “Gifts They’ll Love + Guaranteed To Fit

  1. I love your dress! You look so pretty! And I LOVE the idea about the date night box – I think I will get this for my husband for Christmas!

  2. Wow, these are such great gift ideas and that dress you’re wearing is stunning! Also, can we just take a moment to discuss your shoe collection? I need your closet! Have a fabulous weekend babe! Xoxo

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