The Style Lynn Life Travels: Dublin, Ireland Itinerary

Hi guys!

I’m so excited to be sharing some of our recent travels with you all! Truth is we got back just last week and I’m already asking the hubby “where was that place that we had that thing?” Haha! I have the worse memory! But I went through the pictures and they definitely brought all the memories back and they also made me realize it kind of looked like we were on a beer drinking tour! 🙂 You can’t help but want to drink all the local beers and live like the Irish when in Ireland, right?!


Dublin was the first stop of our trip and it was a quick 24 hours. We literally landed at 10 in the morning and hit the cobble stone streets in tourist fashion! So I am excited to share where we stayed and things you should totally do even when you only have 24 hours in this city!


Where We Stayed: Camden Deluxe Hotel

This was the cutest hotel! I typically like staying at chain hotels because I know what to expect, but Brandon found this boutique gem and I couldn’t have been more surprised. It made me feel like I was in Ireland! The décor was so cute and for being in Europe the room was  gigantic! We had 3 beds guys! It was right in the center of all of the shopping and restaurants BUT that can also be a bad thing if you are traveling with kids or if you are wanting any sleep at all LOL. The hotel was literally in the center of all the happenings that you could hear music and party goers until the sun came up! If you can’t beat em, join em! But in all seriousness, if you are traveling with kids you won’t want to stay there. Even if they do give you 3 beds!

Where To Eat:

As you can probably assume the choice of food here is pub food and even though it typically wouldn’t be my first choice as a meal, they know how to do it guys! You really can’t make a bad choice when walking into any random pub for lunch, but a place definitely worth mentioning for a really nice steak dinner is F.X. Buckley Steakhouse (OMG so dang good!)

Coffee & Sweet Tooth Fix:

You already know this is a priority no matter what city/country we are in.

Dolce Sicily

Coffee Angel

Where We Shopped:

We stayed walking distance from the main city center where all of the shopping was. It is right off of Grafton Street and Henry Street. Here you can find cute local shops to all the major chains, but a place you MUST go is Siopaella! It is a designer resale shop and well… enough said!!

Unfortunately, we did not have too much time to shop because we wanted to make sure we saw some of the main attractions in our 24 hours! I’m including a list you should add to your itinerary when in Dublin!


 Have you guys been to Dublin recently or have a tripped planned?! I would love to hear!

xo, Roselyn


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19 thoughts on “The Style Lynn Life Travels: Dublin, Ireland Itinerary

  1. That is such an amazing experience! I went to Dublin Ireland in college many years ago but I will never forget it. We also toured the Guinness factory and had a beer and Irish pub because that’s what you do there. Ireland is such a beautiful country and it’s the only place I’ve ever been where everyone around me looked like me. I knew where my roots were by going there.

  2. So envious of this trip! I love how you broke everything down–definitely book marking it for when I can finally talk Kyle into booking an Ireland getaway! Loving all of your photos too!!


    1. Kristin, I’m so glad you like this recap! Seriously wrote it so many different ways because I wanted to share so much, but then it was becoming hard to read! I’m glad you liked this version! Whew! And yes, you and your hubby totally need to go!

    1. You totally need to go!! I am so glad you liked the breakdown! I wrote it about 7 different ways until I was happy with it! LOL, there’s just so much to share!! And YES that chalkboard was reading my mind haha!

  3. Hi Roselyn, this is great! Thank you for sharing your travels with us. I haven’t been to Dublin (or anywhere in Europe) & can’t wait to plan a trip. I’ll be sure to save this for future reference 🙂

    ~Jessica |

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