Mia Wine Tasting + Review

I really should be calling this post woman crush wednesday because I am kind of crushing on this total boss babe winemaker, business woman and mother named Gloria Collell.

Gloria Collell 1

“Gloria is from a family dedicated to wine so naturally many of Gloria’s memories growing up revolve around wine: the aroma of the bodega when the barrels would be filled by the wholesaler; the fairs where, even as a child, she helped her parents show wine; and most of all, the tastings her family conducted at home”.


Mia wines hosted a dinner and tasting at Armandos last Tuesday evening. When I received the invitation I had not yet heard of Mia wines, but I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to meet the winemaker herself and to learn more about the brand/wine.

I had the honor to be seated at the same table as Gloria. As expected, she presented gracefully and explained each wine as we tasted it with food, but it was the intimate table conversation where I came to realize that she truly was in tuned and interested in the consumer’s feedback about the wines.


When describing the brand and her vision, she stated that it was a creation for the modern consumer. I would describe someone like myself as a modern consumer. An individual who loves a good glass of wine but by no means is a wine connoisseur. When it comes to wine, my pallet knows what it likes, but my wine vocabulary lacks in a sense that I could not tell you what key “notes” I favored. Does this sound like you? I know I like white wine but I don’t like it too sweet. I know I like red wine but I don’t want it too dry or “oakey”. This may sound silly and pretty simple to a wine connoisseur yet it seemed as if no one else was listening to the modern consumer…until now.

Like I said I was very lucky to be able to converse with Gloria as she shared the consumer and marketing research they did to ensure the brands success. She was very knowledgeable in the industry and the wine definitely validate that her and the Mia team are listening to what the modern consumer is asking for. The wine is fresh, easy to drink and budget friendly! It’s the type of wine you can stock up on for those unexpected guests and serve to everyone’s satisfaction.


The 2 wines that tied as my favorite were the Red and the White, then the Moscato Rose, Moscato and Rose all tied for second 🙂

Mia wines can be purchased in a few Specs locations as of today and the Moscato Rose can be found in a few HEB’s, however have no fear as they have shipments currently on the water from Barcelona and you can expect to find them in more Spec’s ad HEB’s at the beginning of June! MSRP range from $9-$12.

Also, friends and family do not be surprised when you get a bottle or two in your next birthday basket!

Have you tried this lovely wine yet?! I would love to hear your thoughts!

Xo, Roselyn