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So last night I started my Tula skincare regimen. I don’t know if it’s because I got 5 hours of sleep (much more than usual) or if it’s my new purifying face wash and face cream, but today my face looks and feels so much more hydrated than usual! Only time will tell!



As we age, we must change up our skincare routine. I will never forget one of my professors in college telling us that it was never too early to start using eye cream. I believed her and started immediately. I am totally thankful today!

In my 20’s my main focus was to keep it simple:

1) Wash my face every night before bed


2) Always where some type of sunscreen on my face. Lord knows I love the sun!

I have to say my “keep it simple” method worked fairly well, but now that I am in my 30’s and naturally my skin is aging. My skin is aging, but I am not. Weird, I know. 🙂 This means, slower cell turnover which amounts to dryness, volume loss so less tightening of the skin, thinner skin which exposes expression lines and sometimes even acne can all of a sudden show up in this decade. WTF, right?

So now, my regimen needs to change up a bit and that is why I searched for products that could help me avoid all these things this decade may bring. After much researching and actually some amazing reviews from some of my fav beauty bloggers I have decided to try Tula and share my results with you!

Tula is an all natural skincare line that does not test on animals. Tula believes in the power of probiotics.

Probiotics, or “good” bacteria and yeasts, are important for the health of your digestive system. Now their powerful healing benefits can be applied to your skin, your body’s largest organ. TULA’s Probiotic Skin Care approach harnesses the power of probiotics and other nourishing ingredients to protect your skin against  “bad” bacteria and environmental conditions that harm and age your skin.”

“Their scientific technology stimulates production of vital defense cells to make your skin healthier and more resistant to damage.”

The products I will be adding to my daily routine and reviewing are:

Learn more about the brand and all products here.

As I mentioned, I just started my new Tula routine yesterday so I will report back my full results in a couple of weeks, but I can tell you that I am already loving how lightweight all of these products are! This is something I look for in all of my beauty items! It hydrates but does not leave my skin feeling oily!

I can’t wait to share my end results you!

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Happy Monday!

xo, Roselyn

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