Happy New Year loves!

This is my first blog post for 2016 so what perfect time to write about what is most important to me, my SQUAD, also known as my family. 🙂





I consider myself very blessed. It’s not about the things you have but about the people you have around you. My family is everything to me and I could not have asked for a better one. As I grew up as the youngest and only girl in the family I have to say it was almost like growing up with 2 sets of parents. My brothers were always protective. When I say protective I mean like boys calling my house at 5pm and my oldest brother answering and saying it was past my curfew LOL. Of course then I didn’t understand it, but now I have come to appreciate it. Each individual in my family is very special to me and for each a different reason. Although, we all have similarities, there are strengths in everyone that I deeply admire and try to emulate. My Dad, selfless and hard working, my Mom, social butterfly and easy going, my oldest brother, determined and giving, my second oldest brother, kind and funny. Having role models such as these 4 in my life has really been amazing and any success I have had in my life I have to give all the credit to them. Literally, my day ones. Yes, we may not always agree on everything but at the end of the day we always end up on the same side, you know?


Above is my sister in law Noemi with my 5 nephews and niece. Little Manny (yes, he is taller than everyone and we still call him little Manny), Iliana, Jordan, Jonathan, Bryant and Jerald.



Above is my sister in law Crystal with my other 2 nephews and 2 nieces. 🙂 Sierra, Cienna, Kristopher Jr. and Urijah.

And of course a post about my squad wouldn’t be complete without talking about this guy! 😉 Growing up with 3 loving, respectful and caring men I didn’t know if I would find someone that would live up to that but I did!


Although I like to think I work hard at emulating what my family is; selfless, loving, caring, etc. I know in reality I have days where I am hard to deal with, emotional, frankly just a brat. But this guy right here…my best friend and biggest supporter deals with me and always knows how to make the worse day the BEST day!


So happy Brandon and I got to spend both Christmas and New Years with my family in California. We typically are only there for Christmas so it was really nice to spend extra time with them this past week and a half! If that doesn’t start off the year right, I don’t know what will! 🙂

Cheers to 2016!! Last year was good to us, but with my squad by my side it only gets better from here! Surround yourself with a good tribe. Positive vibes are contagious!

Thank you so much for stopping by babes! I truly appreciate each and everyone of you! Looking forward to lots of collabs, giveaways and love this upcoming year!


xo, Roselyn


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7 thoughts on “SQUAD

  1. Whaooo.. What an amazing & good looking family you have. OMG! One of my faves post from you! I’m glad you had a great time/ Holidays.
    Happy New Year! I wish a blessed 2016. Xox

  2. You have such a beautiful family and your parents are the cutest! It’s so good to be surrounded by such loving people. I love that you call them your Squad. ? Hope 2016 shines brightly for you! Xoxo


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