Birthday Weekend in Memphis

“When things go wrong, don’t go with them”


Helllooo Saturday and beautiful people! I wanted to share our recent trip to Memphis, TN with you all! As some of you may know, we went to Memphis for my birthday weekend. The hubby and I have on our bucket list to visit all of the U.S. together (in addition to an out of the country trip once a year) so when Southwest had that crazy, amazing deal back in June for $92 a ticket Brandon called me and asked me if I wanted to go to Memphis for my birthday. Umm, DUH! Naturally, I asked some of our best friends to go and fortunately, 2 of them agreed! Memphis may not be a top “must see” place on everyone’s bucket list, but really I think travels are all about who you are with and what you make of it! I really could be in the middle of no where with these 3 people and have the time of my life! And after visiting the fun city I say it really should be on everyone’s “must visit” list!

Danielle found us a sweet spot via Air BNB. Have you guys ever tried it before? It’s a site where you can find unique stays all over the world. People rent out their homes, vacation homes and even extra rooms. The extra room thing had us kind of skeptical. I’m not sure how I feel about staying in a house with complete strangers. Obvi, I could never be on Real World LOL. Also, I just went to the Air BNB site to pull the link for you guys and notice that they even have castles for rent in some parts of the world, CASTLES!! Dang, we totally missed that. Maybe next time 🙂 Overall I would have to say it was a 5 star experience. The gentlemen who we rented the house from was super easy to work with and his place was so contemporary chic that Danielle and I joked about trying to buy some of his pieces from him, haha! The house was a short distance from basically everything and I noticed there were no hotels around so we wouldn’t have been able to get that “localism” feel otherwise and surprisingly it was the fraction of the cost of a hotel. I would highly suggest using Air BNB.

Okay so the rest of our weekend…where do I start? We did so much while we were there. The first night we got there we went to a restaurant called Kings Palace on Beale street, walked around and enjoyed a few frozen drinks.






We went to the Civil Rights Museum which, I’m not sure you know this because I didn’t, but it is actually at/part of the motel where MLK was assassinated. Whoa, now that was an emotional yet refreshingly educational morning.



IMG_0735 IMG_0726

And there was no way we would be in Memphis and not go to Graceland. Who doesn’t love Elvis right? I know my Dad is probably a top ten biggest fan! I snagged a few bags of Peanut Butter & Banana flavored coffee too!







So during our time between visiting every “must see” site in Memphis we had a lot of laughs, did some souvenir shopping and went to a number of delicious restaurants. I’m not even kidding when I say I’m pretty sure we went to ALL of the “Best of Memphis” restaurants while we were there and probably flew back at least 5 pounds heavier BUT happier 🙂










Saturday night, my actual birthday, we went to a place called Flight which I highly recommend! Can we say DE-LICIOUS?! We enjoyed delicious steak and yummy cocktails. Afterwards we went out to enjoy a night of endless cocktails and A LOT of laughs! I’m pretty certain there was some dancing in there too. I mean that’s basically always guaranteed.







Needless to say turning 32 was amazing and Memphis THANK YOU for being good to us! Delicious food, amazing stay, so many must see sites and places to shop. Thank you Uber drivers for taking us to late night eats (like we didn’t eat enough during the day) and thank you to my amazing husband and friends for always providing a good time!

AND..thank YOU for stopping by the blog this Saturday morning. Wishing you all the best weekend!

xo, Roselyn