Wednesday Wish List

“I wish that every time I “liked” something on Instagram it would appear in my closet!”


So I was supposed to be browsing online for some bed set inspiration because it’s really something that we need, naturally I ended up with everything but that in my carts. Yes, I said cartS! 🙂 So I bring you’s first of many Wednesday Wish List!

1. Drop Waist Dress | 2. Snakeskin Booties | 3. Leather Jacket | 4. Plaid Bag | 5. Sneaks | 6. Distressed Black Denim | 7. Chic Business Card Holder | 8. Coffee Mug | 9. Quilted Bag

Happy hump day to all! We are half way to the weekend so let’s cheers our cups of coffee until it’s time for a cocktail!

xo, Roselyn