Weekend Momiform

Happy Friday loves!

This mama is tiiiiiiirreeed! My coffee needs coffee today! Nonetheless it is Friday so I’m excited! It’s no secret that I love to get dressed up but let’s be honest, these days I either have to get ready when our little guy is sleeping or get ready in less than 10 minutes all while reading Brown Bear Brown Bear over and over so he sits in one spot while I get ready LOL.

T shirt dresses to the rescue! Cute, comfortable, easy to wash and so many ways to style. Dubbing this look my #momiform.

mom-weekend-uniform mom-on-the-go-outfits t-shirt-dresses casual-cute-mom-outfits easy-weekend-outfits silver-espadrilles go-to-momiform loft-t-shirt-dress casual-weekend-style

Outfit Details: T Shirt Dress: Loft | Denim Jacket: Forever 21 | Shoes: Payless | Handbag: Francesca’s (sold out but similar here) | Sunglasses: Quay Australia

I am wearing a medium in this dress but it’s currently only available in select sizes so I’ll link more options for you below. A denim jacket tied around the waist or over the shoulders is such an easy way to style a basic t shirt dress. It says “I actually put some thought into this outfit” but it may really be hiding your sons melted chocolate bar that you accidentally sat on. 🙂

T Shirt Dresses

My no shop June challenge ends on Saturday at midnight (but who’s counting?) so I have a list of a few things I need to buy! 🙂 It’s been tough but I actually learned a lot from it so I’m going to be sharing that all with you guys soon! Aside from a little shopping lol I think I am going to take our little guy to his first toddler gym class tomorrow! I don’t even know what it’s officially called but I’ll keep you posted, haha! Then we have a friend’s first birthday celebration and then Sunday a lunch/work date with friends. Ahhh….that coffee that needed coffee now needs coffee, haha! What are you guys up to this weekend?!

xo, Roselyn

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8 Unique Ideas For Your Next Girl’s Night Out

8 Unique Ideas For Your Next Girl’s Night Out

We all know this gal loves a good cocktail night with her best friends but sometimes it’s fun to change it up! I’m so happy our friend Alice got us together a few weeks ago for a 70’s themed skating rink party! We all had such a blast and it inspired to share some unique ideas for your next girls day or night out!

what-to-wear-roller-skate-party moms-night-out-ideas what-to-wear-roller-skating coca-cola-bathing-suit roller-skate-party girls-night-out-ideas

My Outfit Details: Coca Cola Bathing Suit: Forever 21 | Denim Skirt: Forever 21 | Socks: Forever 21 | Heart Sunglasses: Amazon

8 Unique Ideas For Your Next Girl’s Day or Night Out!

  1. Cooking Class – Such a fun way to get together and learn a new recipe too!
  2. Try A New Workout Class Together – Get your fitness on with your best friends.
  3. Go To A Skating Rink – honestly at this age, the skating rink is a bit of a workout too LOL but so much fun!
  4. Host An International Potluck – This is a fun idea not only for girl’s night but for a family get together! Have everyone bring a dish that represents their cultural background.
  5. Volunteer – There’s so many ways to volunteer in every city. What better way to spend a day with the people you love all while contributing to a great cause!
  6. Have a Craft Night – Get your gal pals together for a Pinterest inspired craft night!
  7. Go To A Comedy Club – Laughter is good for the soul! And girls night out is so needed by mama’s everywhere!
  8. Spa Day – Who doesn’t love a good spa day! Get your girl’s together for a makeup free spa day and lunch date!

Okay now I gotta go coordinate calendars with my girlfriend’s and see when we can make these happen LOL! What are some fun things you like to do with your besties?!

xo, Roselyn

Photos by Banavenue Photography

One Piece Swimsuits + Fun Pool Floats

Can we start the weekend over please?!

I love every minute spending time with our little guy and this work week is really throwing it off! 🙂 We got to celebrate a sweet friend’s baby shower Saturday morning and then we took baby Weaver to his first Astros game! Ahh it was so fun! Even if I was chasing him around Minute Maid Park for most of the game. He was loving it when people were cheering and he also got to taste all sorts of ballpark food for the first time. He loves to eat btw!

We didn’t get to squeeze in any pool time this weekend but we have many pool/beach days planned so today I am sharing a bunch of affordable once piece swimsuits with cute sayings plus a bunch of adorable pool floats!!

rose-pool-floats graphic-print-swimsuits mom-friendly-swimsuits flattering-one-piece-swimsuits fun-pool-floats

One Piece Swimsuits Under $50

Pool Floats:

xo, Roselyn

Summer 2018 Bucket List With A Toddler

I keep saying this but I cannot believe this year is flying by so fast! Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer so in honor of that I am sharing our summer 2018 bucket list.

I did a bucket list last year but this year is just so much more fun because we have a little one to enjoy all of it with!


  1. Go To The Zoo
  2. Staycation at A Hotel
  3. Visit A Splash Pad (or two!)
  4. Fly A Kite
  5. Enroll baby Weaver into a gym for littles. OMG, why do I think this is the cutest thing ever?! Because it is 🙂
  6. Take a family vacation with friends
  7. Draw Outside With Chalk (Brandon is going to flip lol) We may have to do this when he is out of town.
  8. Watch Fireworks
  9. Visit A New Park
  10. Watch A Baseball Game
  11. Get Snow Cones (and let him make a mess with it)
  12. Spend A Day At The Beach
  13. Visit A Waterpark
  14. Visit A Local Farmer’s Market
  15. Go To A Museum

I will be printing this out and putting it up at the house so we make sure we cross everything off the list in the upcoming months! Below I am sharing a printable version in case you want to print and stick on your fridge for some summer fun inspiration! Please let me know what is on your bucket list!

Summer Bucket List For Toddlers

xo, Roselyn

Gingham Tie Waist Dress

Happy Monday beauties!

How was everyone’s weekend?! Amazing, I hope! We had a busy (but fun) weekend filled with church, a wedding and celebrating Brandon’s first Father’s Day! Insert all the heart emoji’s.

Today I am sharing this super adorable navy and white gingham dress that I have been wearing on repeat lately! I’ve already worn it 3 times this month. Twice to work and once to church so it’s perfect for the office and the weekend!



Outfit Details: Dress: Dressbarn | Heels: DSW | Handbag: Similar here from sole Society Earrings: Kendra Scott

Can you believe this dress is from Dressbarn?! I was so shocked to see all the cuteness they have. I was so surprised to see their assortment when Dressbarn reached out to me. They have such cute stuff for summer. I got this embroidered dress from there and this super cute ruffle skirt as well. I have a size 4 in the dresses and a medium in the skirt for reference. They are currently having a buy more save more sale right now but I have to stay clear for the next 12 days 🙂

Also, I did want to point out that I have been blown away by your sweet messages about my No Shop June challenge. I had no idea I would inspire so many of you to take the challenge as well. I’m not going to lie, it’s been pretty tough but it’s also been so fun forcing myself to style my existing wardrobe so many different ways and also giving all the cute items more wear like they deserve 🙂 Like this dress for example.

As I mentioned before, when I share outfits with you guys, it’s not to make you feel like you need to purchase allll the things but to inspire you on how to style your current items. I’m here to help you find your personal style so that when you get up and get dressed you feel good and in return makes you do good. 🙂 That all can happen without breaking the budget. I have to constantly remind myself that 🙂 This No Shop June has been a challenge for sure but it’s definitely a rewarding one. I love all of your sweet messages and please keep sharing those pictures!

Have an amazing week!

xo, Roselyn

Photos by Banavenue Photography

Always Show Up For The Ones You Love

Happy Tuesday love bugs!

In honor of Father’s Day week I thought I would share a throw back picture of me and my sweet Dad 🙂 as well as one of my favorite life lessons from him.




Outfit Details: Gingham top: Shein | Denim : Free People | Heels: similar from DSW here and here | Earrings: Baublebar (sold out) similar here and here

Dad is full of amazing life lessons but one of the many things that I love about him is that he always showed us what kind of people to be, not just told us. Growing up, our family was so big into the Filipino American Association which meant we were constantly busy with parties and festivals.

Guess who was always there early helping to setting up. My Dad. Guess who was always there with the kitchen crew making sure everything was cooked and ready to go? My Dad. Guess who was always in the serving line, ready to serve people. My Dad. Guess who stayed late to help clean up (and made his kids help too). My Dad.

Now, can you guess who we can always count on if we need someone to talk to or just someone to be there? My Dad!

I want to be just like him in that my friends and family will always know that I will show up for them when they need me. #bemorelikeManny 🙂 He is always ready to do things for people without ever expecting anything from them. My Dad is the most sincere, kind and loving human being that if someone said anything bad about him, you’d know it was a lie. Also, I have never heard him say anything bad about anyone. I’m not even exaggerating. I promise you, I tried to think of at least one thing LOL and couldn’t come up with anything he’s ever said negative about someone.

If I ever said anything semi negative about someone’s situation he would respond with “well, that’s their life” or “that’s not our business”. Basically his nice way of saying “stay out of it Lynn”. LOL

Seriously, #goals.

I’m am so far from perfect but if I wake up and try to #belikeManny more and more everyday I think I’m on the right path. I want my friends and family to know, without a doubt, that I will be there for them when they need me. Knowing someone that can trust me like that truly gives me so much happiness. Dependable, trustworthy, hard working and kind. That’s my Dad and I wanna be just like him when I grow up! 🙂

I would love to hear advice that your Dad gave you growing up!

Wishing you all a wonderful Father’s Day week!

xo, Roselyn



15 Must Have Summer Shorts That Aren’t Denim

Happy hump day friends!

Day 6 of my no shopping challenge is still going strong! I know it’s only day 6 but dang it’s hard because I love sharing sales with you guys which in return makes me want to shop, haha!

Anywho, you know this girl loves her denim shorts. You probably have seen me in these Free People ones like a gazillion times but today I am rounding up 15 super cute summer shorts that aren’t denim to help elevate your summer style!



Outfit Details: Cami: Express | Denim Jacket: Free People | Shorts: Loft (sold out but linking similar ones here) | Shoes: similar here and here

Currently crushing on all fabric shorts because not only does it help you beat the summer heat but keeps you effortlessly stylish while doing so! These shorts give you a more dressed up look than denim shorts and I love that you can just throw them on with a basic cami for a super cute OOTD.

Below I am rounding up 15 great styles for summer that are super affordable!

Also, I did want to let you guys know that I will be at the Kendra Scott Baybrook Mall on Friday evening and I would absolutely love for you to come see me and chat with some amazing Houston Bloggers. Not only will you get 15% off of your order but 20% off all proceeds will be donated to the Santa Fe Memorial fund. We will have Rose` and a braid bar! Plus it’s National BFF Day so bring your besties for a fun time.

Sometimes we feel so helpless when horrible events like the Santa Fe High School shooting occur so if you have been looking for a way to give back, just know that 20% of these proceeds will go directly to the families affected.

xo, Roselyn

4 Beauty Products I Use To Make Me Look Well Rested

Happy Monday beauties! Today I am talking about the 4 products that I use to help this mama look less tired. I figured no day more perfect than a Monday to talk about this topic, haha!

If you are a mama, workaholic, late night studying student, this post is for you!


I love makeup. That’s no secret but the perfect lip color isn’t going to hide these tired eyes! I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten less than 4 hours of sleep and then someone compliment me on my makeup the next day. Before these 4 magic products I would have probably gotten a “are you not feeling well today?”. Why do people think it’s okay to ask that? It’s like just say I look like crap because I know that’s what you really mean 🙂

Anywho, no one is going to be asking you that once you begin working these products into your regimen!

1- Dr. Brandt No More Baggage – I first heard of Dr. Brandt after seeing everyone post about the magnetic mask. The Dr. Brandt No More Baggage Gel immediately reduces the appearance of bags and puffiness because its enriched with antioxidant botanical extracts and caffeine. It is also said to help with dark circles but honestly I don’t see it as a solution for dark circles which is why I use product number 2. I apply the no more baggage gel after my morning skincare routine and before I apply any of my makeup. Let it dry completely before you apply makeup.

2- Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector – This full coverage corrector hides dark circles by brightening and evening out skin tones. It’s infused with ultra, fine light and reflecting illuminators and is water resistant. I apply this after my no more baggage gel and before my It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye.

3- It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye – You are probably thinking, “geez, this is a lot of eye coverage” but talk to me when you look rested after 3 hours of sleep” LOL. The Bye Bye Under Eye is my ride or die. This product along with the Becca brightening corrector and Dr.Brandt no more baggage gel are amazing but if I had to give up all my makeup and choose one, it would seriously be this. It’s also perfect if you really don’t have time for all 3 steps or if you don’t really have a problem with under eye bags, you could definitely just do this product!

“Developed with plastic surgeons, Bye Bye Under Eye is infused with anti-aging ingredients including hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, vitamins, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to cover absolutely everything while making your skin look younger at the same time.” It’s basically a no brainer. I wear the medium shade for reference.

4 – Becca Highlighter – This highlighting magic lasts forever because all you need is a little tap onto your brush and it will give you that perfect glow. I tap a little onto my cheekbones and nose. The subtle shimmer makes your skin look so fresh and sunkissed which in return makes you look rested and awake even though your body is like “gimme all the coffee.”

Gift with purchase is happening with most of these items at Ulta right now so if you are thinking about trying any of them, this would be a good time to grab them. One of the many reasons I love shopping at Ulta is that if you are not completely satisfied with a product for any reason you can return the product for a full refund or exchange. This makes it stress free for me to shop beauty products online because I know if the shade doesn’t work for me I can switch it out without a problem.

Also, I know I am going to get questions about these faux marble brushes because they are so cute! I actually snagged them from Amazon here and I was so surprised with the quality for the price. I definitely recommend them. It’s a 10 piece brush set and it’s available on Amazon Prime.

Have you guys tried any of these products? What are some of your favorite tricks to make you look more rested? I wanna hear!

xo, Roselyn

Top Ten Best Sellers For May

Happy Friday and first day of June! It is currently after midnight and I am catching up on my shows! Before we get into the top ten sellers for May can we talk about how hilarious Chrisley Knows Best is? Each one of them makes me laugh so hard but I think my favorite is mama Faye, haha. Do you guys watch that show?!

Okay, let’s talk about the ten things you all loved the most in May!

Stripe T Shirt Dress | A throw on and go on dress is always a winner in my book! The colorful stripes make it perfect for summer. Pair it with wedges, flat sandals or tennis shoes for so many different looks. I am wearing a medium for reference.


Silver Keds | What better way to step up your sneaker game than with metallic tennies?! If you are in between sizes, size down.


Round Crossbody Bag | One of summers hottest bag trend so I’m not surprised you guys loved this one! You guys sold it out! I am linking similar ones here, & here.


Stripe Front Knot Jumpsuit | This colorful stripe jumpsuit is so cute and so flattering. I am wearing my normal size medium. Also, it’s currently on clearance!


Stripe Blazer | I shared this one that I got from Asos and then found the almost exact style from Forever 21 for a fraction of the price. I have worn this stripe blazer more times than I can count. I love it with the matching shorts but I have also paired it with ankle pants for the office and a graphic tee with denim shorts for the weekend.


Loft Tropical Midi Dress | I don’t want to tell you that you need anything but….eek this dress is so flattering and so cute for the office! The fit is professional but trendy with the tropical print. I am wearing a medium.


Libby Edelman Ruffle Top | A great top for dressing up and down. The sleeves are separate pieces so you don’t have to worry about messing with them all day like we have to do with some other off the shoulder tops.


Mommin’ So Hard Tee | The perfect addition to your #momuniform. Wearing a medium for reference. I got our little guy a “nap so hard” one so we can match 🙂


Universal Thread Lavendar Dress | The sweetest midi dress in the Pantone color of the year! This dress is great for brunch, work, church and it would even be a great wedding guest dress option for a day time wedding. Wearing a size 4. If you are between sizes, size up.


Never Understate A Woman Tee | Duh, I know why you all love this one! This one runs big so size down if you want it a little more fitted.


P.S. Not all of these looks get posted on the blog. Too many clothes, so little time LOL. Some of these outfits only got posted on Instagram so be sure you are following along there too. If you don’t have an Instagram account all looks can always be found on this shop page for easy access!

Let me know if you have any questions about anything.

Happy Friday beauties!

xo, Roselyn

4 Things I Plan On Achieving In My Month Of No Shopping

Yes you read that right! I have decided for the whole month of June I will not be shopping for anything. No clothes, no shoes, no makeup, no new throw pillows LOL. Not even buying any clothing related items for baby Weaver because his wardrobe is starting to get a little crazy like mama’s, haha.

easy-summer-dresses target-summer-dresses blue-white-stripe-dress button-up-summer-dress kemah-boardwalk cognac-wedges how-to-style-a-straw-hat

Outfit Details: Dress: Target | Handbag: Francesca’s | Sunglasses: Quay | Wedges: Similar styles here and here

4 Things I Really Want To Achieve In My No Month Of Shopping

1- Making use of what I already have – I know I’m not the only one that has never been worn items in their closet. Going through my closet this weekend, I’ve realized that even after piles and piles of donating and even selling items, I still have so many items I’ve never worn. In the next 30 days, I plan on wearing those items (and sharing them with you of course!) and if I don’t wear them then maybe it’s time to toss it!

2- Cleaning out my closet – Back to what I just said, if I don’t feel the urge to wear something this whole month of shopping than I am seriously considering donating it. I was actually a little disappointed in myself because I ordered something the other week and then as I was looking for something else in a drawer I realized I already had that shirt! What is this life I am living?!

3- Inspire you – I really want to take a step back and think of why I started my blog. Of course, it was to share fashion and life with you but most importantly, it was to inspire and motivate you to find your own personal style. That doesn’t have to mean buying the next new thing every.single.week. It means sharing outfits with you that you can recreate with items you already own or inspiring you to wear those 2 mix prints you already have in your closet for a whole “new” look. I don’t want you to feel the urge to purchase everything that I share although I do really appreciate when you use my affiliate links when you decide to purchase something! I more so love when I inspire you or remind you that you have something similar in your closet that you didn’t think of styling a way that I shared. $0 needed!

4 – Save some money – Do I have a budget? Yes. Do I always abide by it? Sadly, no. All these summer sales up the yin yang and now that I am shopping for 2 🙂 my shopping has gotten out of control and I really need to scale it back a bit! Also, I want to prove to my husband that I can actually do it. He doesn’t think I’ll go through with it. This really should be his Father’s Day gift, haha!

Also, fun fact. I actually did a 40 days of no shopping 3 years ago the month I started my blog. You can check one of those posts out here. Don’t judge the pictures please. 🙂

What I will also be doing on Instagram stories is sharing my outfit every single day. A lot of times what I post are my professionally taken photos and by sharing my day to day outfits on Instagram stories I will share how I style the same items different ways and hopefully inspire you to remix some items in your closet!

xo, Roselyn

Photos by Banavenue Photography