The Day Baby Weaver Came Home Plus 3 Baby Items I Never Knew I Needed

Today I am partnering up with Walmart to share a little more about the first day that baby Weaver came home and also a few baby items that I instantly fell in love with and never even knew I needed!


Earlier this week I shared some info about Walmart’s new baby registry. If you missed that post you can read it here. When you are a new mama there are so many things people tell you that you need to add to your registry. Like so many. Thankfully Walmart’s new baby registry helps you by populating the top things mom’s need for their new babies and then you can add and delete from there. And as you grow into your new role of being a mother, you will learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Today I am sharing 3 baby items that were must haves for me as a new mama!


The First Day That Baby Weaver Came Home

If you have been following along for some time now, you know it was a few months until we got our first call from our adoption agency. You also may remember we got 2 phone calls, 2 Monday’s in a row telling us that we had a possible placement. Just minutes after both of those calls we received a second call letting us know that those children were actually placed with another family.

Heartbreaking? Yes. But looking back, it was all part of the preparation plan and I am not sure there would have been any baby more perfectly matched for us than baby Weaver.

It was Monday, November 6th. It was my first day back in the office after Hurricane Harvey. Our office building had flooded and it took months for them to rebuild the lower floors that got damaged. As I was getting ready that morning I joked to Brandon “today is the day”. I literally had no idea but I did know that both Monday’s before November 6th we had received a phone call from our adoption agency.

I went to work, caught up with everyone I hadn’t seen for months. Had my normal Monday morning meetings, went to the gym, ate lunch at my desk, all the normal Monday things.

At around 1:30pm my husband called and said “he’s 7 months old, half Asian, half African American”. “If we say yes they are going to bring him over around 6 tonight”. I am laughing thinking about this moment because my husband was so sweet acting like he was asking me what I thought but really had already told the agency yes. I mean duh, I was going to say yes LOL.

My emotions were all over the place!

I screamed with excitement and then frantically started asking my husband all the things. Of course, he didn’t have many of the answers. If you are familiar with the adoption process than you know they don’t give you a lot of information on the first call. Literally all we knew was just what my husband said when I first picked up the phone, “he’s 7 months old, half Asian, half African American”.

As soon as we hung up the phone, I ran to everyone’s desk at work that had been awaiting this moment as much as we were! There were tears of happiness and excitement. My boss came out of his office to see what all the noise was about and I told him the news. Right after he congratulated me he asked what I was still doing in the office. LOL.

I packed up and as I sped home I called my brothers, my sisters and my closest friends. As I pulled into our driveway I quickly realized we literally had NOTHING and I mean NOTHING for our new baby who was just hours away from arriving.

From the beginning of the adoption process, we told our agency we were open to the ages from newborn to 2 years old. Since we had no idea what age child we would be placed with, we didn’t buy anything. I immediately text my girlfriends “omg heading to the store tell me what I need for a 7 month old”. Let me tell you, there were a lot of things being text back that day.

We had not done a registry at that point, just prayers. When our prayers were answered we were definitely ready emotionally but our love wasn’t going to magically make diapers, a crib and a car seat appear LOL so we headed to the store. Still crying, still excited :).

We were talking to one of the employees about a bassinet and a swing. He asked “how much does your baby weight” and me and Brandon looked at each other and laughed…we literally had no idea. “Ummm, he’s a boy and he’s 7 months old”. LOL, that’s all I knew at that point.

Thankfully the employee was super helpful and got us in and out of the store quickly. We headed home and set up everything as quickly as we could.

Around 6pm that night, the door bell rang. Brandon and I just looked at each other. Literally no words but I know what we were both thinking…”he’s here”.

We opened the door and the CPS worker had her hands full with paperwork, a bag and our baby. OUR baby ya’ll.

Within seconds she handed him to me and introduced us. I think baby Weaver and I just stared at each other the whole time Brandon was talking to the CPS worker and signing paper work. The case worker was only there for about 10 minutes and left.

There we were with our baby boy after a whirlwind of a day. O…M.GGGeeee…it was real.

I face timed my Mom and Dad. I hadn’t called them earlier that day because I wanted the moment to be just like this….as soon as my Mom answered the face time call, the screen popped up and it was just on baby Weaver’s face. She asked “is that our baby?” and the rest was history!!

Ahhhh, what a day, what a story and most of all what a blessing!

Since that day, we have been so fortunate to be surrounded by such great friends and family that threw us multiple baby showers. All of my experienced mom friends gifted us things I never knew I needed.

3 Baby Items I Never Knew I Needed

  1. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste – this stuff is literally magic! Any sign of a diaper rash and I put a tiny bit on baby Weaver and it has disappeared the same day!
  2. Nose Friday Snot Sucker – Sounds gross and looks gross too, lol, but really this thing works so great! Way better than the old school thingy that our parents had to use on us!
  3. Cool Mist Humidier – Baby Weaver had major congestion the first few weeks. His pediatrician gave us some cough syrup to help but after a week or so I felt bad just giving him medicine everyday when it didn’t seem like it was helping all that much. I kept reading about how a cool mist humidifier like this one could help ease coughing and congestion. After about a day or two we could already tell it was helping! The cool mist option is a great one because unlike the steam humidifier, there is no chance of a slight burn or anything if your child gets too close to it.

Obviously things like diapers, lavender bath soap, a good stroller were definitely must haves in my book as a new mom but the 3 items above are just random items that I had no idea I needed but now don’t know how I can live without!

In case any of you mama’s are still wondering what items to add to your baby registry, I am linking some other favorites of mine below!

I hope this list is helpful and I hope you enjoyed hearing a little more about our first day with baby Weaver!

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post.


Gibson Hot Summer Nights Collection

You guys, remember when I cried all night and morning when I designed and launched a top with Gibson on International Women’s Day in March? Well that was me all over again for the past 48 hours! I am just so thankful and so speechless when I try to come up with the words of just how grateful I am right now.


If this is a dream, please do not ever wake me up! 🙂

I keep replaying the call over and over again of when Suzie from Gibson asked me if I wanted to work together again. “ummmm, heck yes!” or something along those lines was my immediate response 🙂

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this Gibson collection is all about fun summer days turned into hot summer nights out with your best girlfriends or your man! The pieces are so versatile and can be worn so many different ways. They are all designed to be dressed up, dressed down and some even to mix and match together! I can’t wait to see how you style them!


There are 19 styles and I am ever so grateful that 4 of those styles have my name attached to them. Thank you Gibson and Nordstrom for another amazing opportunity and THANK YOU guys reading this for truly helping the blog get to where it is today. Otherwise, opportunities like this would not be possible. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Okay, okay I am done crying and being sappy now. Let’s get this Hot Summer Nights party started!

Roselyn Bow Back Sleeveless Satin Top – Yellow (true to size, wearing a size small)


Roselyn Bow Back Sleeveless Satin Top – Black ( true to size, wearing a size small


Roselyn Bow Back Sleeveless Satin Top – Purple ( true to size, wearing a size small)


Roselyn Pleated Sleeveless Top – Zebra Print (true to size, wearing a small)


Roselyn Pleated Sleeveless Top – Pink (true to size, wearing a small)


Roselyn Flutter Sleeve V-Neck Tee – White (true to size, wearing a small)


Roselyn Flutter Sleeve V-Neck Tee – Pink (true to size, wearing a small)


Roselyn Flutter Sleeve V-Neck Tee – Black (true to size, wearing a small)


Roselyn Chiffon Midi Skirt – Zebra Print (true to size, wearing a small)


Roselyn Chiffon Midi Skirt -Snake Print (true to size, wearing a small)


Almost Ready Tie Waist Wrap Top (Amanda is wearing an XS)

Almost Ready Pleated Mini Date Dress (Amanda is wearing XS Petite)

Almost Ready Lace Trim Halter Top (Amanda is wearing an XS)

Almost Ready Smocked Jersey Wrap Top (Amanda is wearing an XS)

Two Peas Eyelet Halter Summer Dress (Ashley is wearing large, Emily is wearing XS)

Two Peas Ruffle Detail Satin Cami (Ashley is wearing large, Emily is wearing XS)

Two Peas Layered Cami Romper (Ashley and Emily recommended sizing up one size in the romper)


Two Peas Ruffle Wrap Date Top (Emily is wearing XS)

Two Peas Ruffle Wrap Skirt (Ashley is wearing large, Emily is wearing XS)

Two Peas V-Neck Halter Top (Ashley is wearing large, Emily is wearing XS)

Two Peas Trimmed Swing Top (Ashley is wearing large, Emily is wearing XS)

Natalie Wrap Eyelet Romper (Natalie is wearing size small)

Natalie Off The Shoulder Ruffle Date Dress (Natalie is wearing size small)

Natalie Off The Shoulder Puff Sleeve Tee (Natalie is wearing size small)

Natalie Satin Faux Wrap Dress (Natalie is wearing size small)

I really, really hope you all love the collection as much as we do!! Please let me know if you all have any questions regarding sizing or anything! Love you! And happy shopping! 🙂


To shop all items in one place, you can click here or click on any of the items below to shop!

Gibson Hot Summer Nights Launch Day Details

Omgeeeee!! Tomorrow is launch day you guys and I wanted to give you the run down on what to expect, what the collection is all about, who is involved and most important how early you can shop the collection!!

When does the collection launch? – 6AM EST on Thursday, June 27th!

Theme of the collection? – The name of the collection is Hot Summer Nights. It’s all about versatility from summer days into Hot Summer Nights; date night with your hubby or girls night out with your best friends.

I was fortunate enough to shoot the collection with the Gibson team and the other influencers a few weeks ago in Austin. Having an evening cocktail with these amazing women in Austin, Texas just gave the perfect Hot Summer Nights vibe!

How many styles are in the collection? – There are a total of 19 styles and most of them in multiple colors which makes a total of 56 skus.

I am so thankful to have my name on 4 of those styles. 10 skus.

Sizing info? – Most items will be available in Petite XXS-Petite XXL, XS-XXL, 1X-3X.

SPECIAL SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: We just got word that this collection will not be restocked. So once it sells out, it’s gone girl! 🙂 So if you see something you like, be sure to snag it!

Prices? – One of the many things I love about Gibson is their price point. All items are under $100. $44-$88 to be exact.

Influencers involved in this collaboration? – Omg, you guys are going to love all of these ladies as much as I do!! I got to meet them all for the very first time a few weeks ago and immediately adored each and every one of them! I will tag all of their blogs below.

Amanda – Almost Ready Blog

Ashley and Emily – Two Peas in A Prada

Natalie – Natalie Kennedy Blog

Instagram Try On Session? – Yes, yes and YES!!! I will posting a try on session on my Instagram stories bright and early for you all tomorrow morning so I hope you tune in! I will be sharing sizing info on all of my items. I am styling my pieces so many different ways to give you all different styling inspiration. On Friday and throughout the weekend, I will be sharing how I style the entir collection as well more reasons I love the girls that are a part of all of this!

I hope you continue to tune in to all the excitement and love everything that this collection has to offer!

Seriously over the moon right now and love you all so much!!


4 Reasons Mama’s To Be Will Love Walmart’s New Baby Registry

I have so many friends becoming mommy’s for the first time and it seriously makes me so happy! I remember when they were sending us gifts for baby Weaver they were like “I had no idea what this was but it was on your registry, lol!” Thankfully baby registries like Walmart’s exist to help friends and family know what to buy you for your baby shower.


If you are a new mama yourself and feeling overwhelmed on what to add to your baby registry, I think you are really going to love Walmart’s new Baby Registry.

4 Reasons Mama’s and Mama’s To Be Will Love Walmart’s New Baby Registry

1. Walmart can populate your registry based on your personal style

After taking a quick survey, Walmart will pull in ideas that fit your style. You can scroll through and easily change items. I tested it out and it’s super simple. Also, this test definitely had me praying hard for a baby sister for baby Weaver, lol.

2. You can set up your entire registry online

Once you sign up and fill out a short survey, Walmart auto-populates your registry for you, covering all the main categories (carseat, diapers, stroller, etc.). Again, you can swap out any of the items simply with just one click.

3. Manage it all from the Walmart app

The new registry makes it easier for parents to create, manage and add items to their registry. It also makes it easy for your friends and family to shop from. If they choose to purchase your baby gift item in-store, they can scan their receipt from their phone and the app will update your registry so that you and others know what has been purchased from your registry.

From diapers to strollers, Walmart has all of your baby basics covered! Below are the top ten items that are on most mom’s baby registry list for 2019 and you can snag them all from Walmart!

If you or someone in your life is setting up a baby registry, be sure to check out the new and improved Walmart Baby Registry!

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post. Thoughts and opinions are my own.


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Work Wear Outfit: Polka Dot + Stripes

Hello friends! Like many of you I am back in the office today and 4 things I was grateful for when I woke up today were my family, our health, summer traffic and a cute work outfit 🙂


Shop this look:

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