Chiclash Boutique

Hi friends! One of the questions I get the most on Instagram stories is, “where do you get your eyelashes done?”. You all know I LOVE my eyelash extensions. Early last year I tried to give them up and that lasted for a good 3 months but I thought about them every single day, lol.

I have been eyelash extensions for like 6-7 years. Whenever it was that my girlfriend Nikki had her bachlorette party in San Diego. I remember getting them right before that weekend and I was immediately hooked!

I’ve gone to several places since then. Actually the very first time I got them, I got them done at a nail salon by my house. Even though I immediately fell in love with the way they looked I have learned over the years the right and wrong techniques and I have learned that the nail salon that first did my lashes were doing it all wrong! She actually had me keep my eyes open and didn’t use gel pads or anything but again I didn’t know any better. Today I want to share a lash boutique who I have been using for the past couple months.

Like I mentioned, I have tried out so many different places in the Houston area so now I know exactly what I like and what I don’t like. Actually the individual that I went prior to trying Chiclash Boutique I still love as well but she moved locations and she works for herself now so not only is she too far to get to on my lunch break, it’s really hard to get an appointment with her if I don’t book in advance. That is why I started looking for a lash boutique by my office and fortunately found Chiclash.

Chiclash currently has 3 locations in Houston. A location in Montrose, Highland Village and Memorial area. I have been to both the Montrose and Highland Village locations. First of all the beds are like being hugged by a cloud! Haha, seriously if you go or have gone you know exactly what I mean!

The two stylist I highly recommend going to are Ivy and Jordan. And my one tip when going to get your lashes done anywhere is to be very specific on what you want. The stylists work on so many different people and everyone wants something different so make sure you share whether you like a natural look or more voluminous lashes. When going to a lash stylist for the first time I would even recommend getting a screenshot of some examples you like from their Instagram or website to ensure you get what you want. Just a tip from someone that has been getting eyelash extensions for a while now ๐Ÿ™‚

For reference, the length of my eyelash extensions are a mix between 13 and 14 and I tell them I like more fuller, thicker looking lashes.

Chiclash Boutique is also giving you guys 20% off your service when mentioning my name. I’ll link all of their locations here.

If you guys go, don’t forget to send me a picture!

xo, Roselyn


What I Wore In New York City

Hi friends! After 10 glorious days in New York with my little family we are back home in Houston. I plan on sharing all of the kid friendly things that we did in New York next week but I wanted to share all of the outfit details asap because I am getting so many messages from you guys since I totally failed at linking everything in real time. ๐Ÿ™
I am so sorry!

Typically during New York Fashion Week I shoot with Banavenue Photography so I have everything linked for you prior to posting, but this time around it was Fashion Week/family vacation so I was really trying to balance my work load and really not work too much after my meetings. Clearly, I failed and decided I wasn’t going to link anything in time, ha! But making it up to you today and sharing all outfit details below!


Sweater: Target | Stripe Pants: Forever 21 | Tweed Jacket: Zara | Booties: DSW | Handbag: DSW


Embroidered Sweater: Haute Rogue| Jacket: Revolve (the hubby picked this out all on his own! | Denim: Nordstrom | Booties: DSW | Purse: DSW


I wore this outfit twice during the trip, okay maybe 3 times ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually posted this one on Instagram here | Teddy Coat: Amazon | Leggings: Nordstrom |Silver Boots: Amazon | Sweater: Target


Cami: Express | Pants: Zara | Coat: Zara | Booties: DSW | Handbag: DSW


Look how happy I am to be in a Starbucks Reserve, lol!

Sweater: Old Navy | Coat: Old Navy | Denim: Nordstrom | Shoes: Shein


Blazer: Zara and similar here | Denim: Nordstrom ( I only packed one pair of jeans for New York so if you saw me in an outfit with jeans, this is the same pair | Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (can you believe Brandon picked these out on his own too?! He is seriously the best gift giver! These exact ones are sold out but here are a grey pair| Brandon’s Blazer: Express | Vest: Express | Pants: Express | Shoes: DSW


Sequin Blazer: Shein | Cami: Express | Denim: Nordstrom | Booties: DSW | Handbag: DSW


Adidas Sweatshirt: Amazon | Leggings: Nordstrom | Boots: Amazon | Jacket: Abercrombie (sold out in yellow but linking a cute yellow moto jacket here | Sunglasses: Nordstrom


One of the most asked about outfits from the trip! It’s so cute and comfy! Plus these golden goose dupes are great too! I highly recommend sizing up a full size in the shoes. Pants and sweatshirt run true to size.

Sweatshirt: 2(X)ist can also be found on Amazon here| Joggers: 2(X)ist can also be found on Amazon here| Golden Goose Dupes: Shein


Blazer: Zara (and found a similar one here) | Top: Shein | Pants: Forever 21 | Booties: DSW | Handbag: DSW


Wifey for Lifey Sweatshirt: Target | Thermal Pants: Target


My Outfit| Cami: Express | Skort: Zara | Jacket: Zara | Handbag: DSW | Booties: DSW

Brandon’s Outfit | Blazer: Express | Pants: Express | Button Up: Express (can you tell the man loves Express? haha!) Tie: Gucci (this was actually one of the gifts I got him for our anniversary. I shared his gifts in this post.) | Shoes: DSW


Embroidered Sweater: Haute Rogue (linking a similar one here | Denim: Nordstrom | Boots: Amazon

Another most asked about topic, “what Chanel bag did I get?!” Sadly, I didn’t end up bringing one home. *insert ugly cry here. This is the bag I want. The medium, calf skin boy bag with silver metals. Neither Bergdorf or Chanel on 5th Ave had it. They had the small, they had the new medium, they had the one with the gold metal detail but not the one I wanted! Waahh! Of course, both sales representatives offered to order it for me but that’s not the same LOL. This will be my first Chanel handbag purchase and I just pictured checking out and angels singing as the salesman handed it to me ๐Ÿ™‚ Is that too much to ask for? LOL. So I’ll have to swing by another Chanel store before my husband changes his mind, haha!

I’ll be sure to share with you all once I get my hands on it!

If you have any questions about sizing on any of the outfits I shared, feel free to comment here or email me at

xo, Roselyn

5th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas-Wood

Happy February 15th my loves! Today Brandon and I celebrate 5 years of marriage and I couldn’t be more in love with him!

If you have been reading the blog for some time now you know that I really enjoy following the traditional gifts calendar for gift giving inspiration. If you missed the past few years you can find those posts here, here and here. According to the traditional calendar, the customary gift for year 5 is wood. Since I gave Brandon his gift this morning I figured I could finally share with you guys what he got this year plus 4 other great ideas for a fifth anniversary!

  1. Date Night Bucket List– I thought this was such a cute gift idea! They are basically like popsicle sticks with date night ideas on them. Once you do the activity on the stick you can write the date on the back so you guys can keep them forever.
  2. Wine Cork Holder – I love that you can get them in all state shapes. I thought this would be fun to do if you both were wine lovers!
  3. Reclaimed Wood Cityscape – I love a personalized gift! There are so many good ones out there but I especially like this reclaimed wood idea for a gift for the men.
  4. Wood Cuff Links – Also a great personalized gift! What a sweet idea to put your wedding song lyrics or vows on there.
  5. Coasters – You could do the city you live in or all the places you both loved visiting together.

Can you guess which gift I gave Brandon? Just kidding. I won’t make you guess! I gave him number 3. The reclaimed wood with the Houston cityscape. It is personalized with “The Weavers”. I thought this was such a great gift being that our love story and family all has grown in Houston.

Obviously, it was too big to sneak into my suitcase so I had to print it out and put it in his card. I’ll show you guys ours as soon as we get home! In addition to the traditional gifts I get him every anniversary I can’t help but get him other gifts too. If you know me, you all know gift giving is like one of my top 10 favorite things to do in life! ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus he totally deserves it! I got him a University of Houston Jacket and baby Weaver got a matching University of Houston Jersey. I also bought him these Rayban glasses because baby broke his, lol. And my most favorite thing to shop for this year was this Gucci tie. He wears ties all the time and doesn’t have any designer ones so he absolutely loved it and was so surprised!

We get to spend a few more days having fun in the city. Baby Weaver and I may even convince Brandon to take a horse carriage ride around Central Park today ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope it was helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions!

xo, Roselyn

New York City Agenda

Happy Monday! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! We have had a great time in New York so far. Even in the colder weather I love this city so much! We will actually be here for a total of 10 days so I figured it would be fun to share with you what our plans are while we are here!


Outfit Details: Top: Shein (only $15!) | Pants: Forever 21 | Blazer: Zara (also linking a similar one here) Booties: Forever 21 | Purse: DSW

Every year for our wedding anniversary Brandon and I like to visit somewhere new. You might be thinking, “you guys have been to New York before”. Well yes, that is true. But because my husband is the most amazing person on the planet, he agreed to go to New York this year due to a ton of meetings that I needed to attend this week. We originally planned that I would go just for a few days, come home and then we would fly out to somewhere new to celebrate our anniversary but honestly having to leave Brandon and baby for another weekend would be a lot so we decided the whole family is doing fashion week, haha!

So we are here for a total of 10 days. Our actual anniversary is on Friday, February 15th. I have tried to schedule all of my meetings on the same days so that we have most days to do family stuff and then days I do have just one or two meetings, baby and Brandon are coming with me and just hanging out around the area until I’m done and then we will continue on exploring and doing family stuff! Man, Brandon is such a trooper I swear. Baby too! I am so lucky I get to do life with them. I told Brandon if he needs some alone time, I am happy to take the baby on a mommy and me date so he can relax, lol. I know it’s a lot taking a toddler through a busy city! We got our first hand experience on having to carry a stroller with a sleeping baby in it up and down the stairs to get to the subway. I don’t know know how people do that on the daily. New Yorkers make it look so easy and Brandon and I are all out of breath, haha! I mean, I know we probably could have taken out him out of the stroller but you mama’s know I ain’t messing with nap time!

A lot of my girlfriends were here for fashion week through the weekend so I am glad I got to link up with them too! Saturday I met up with the girls for breakfast at The Plaza and then the rest of Saturday and Sunday were family days ๐Ÿ™‚ Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday I have meetings so it is going to be a bit hectic but so worth it. I’ll share as much as I can on stories regarding meetings, family fun and we even have 2 dates planned!

Also, exciting news! I will be taking over the Gibson Instagram account on Tuesday so it would be so fun if you followed along there too! You can find their account here.

xo, Roselyn

Gibson International Womenโ€™s Day Collection

Good morning love bugs! Omg, today I am so excited to share another “pinch me” moment for A few months ago I received an email that literally made me scream at my desk. After the initial almost fell out of my chair reaction, I thought to my self “holy cow, I hope they sent this email to the right person?”. I decided to jump on the requested call immediately before they changed their mind, lol.

The call was with Gibson, a clothing brand I have followed and love, and the email/call was asking me to partner up with them to design a piece of clothing to be launched on International Women’s Day exclusively at Nordstrom. What???!!! I was shook. I still have goosebumps writing this!

They wanted to partner up on designing an item that represented my style and that would be sold at Nordstrom, and would be named Roselyn. Again, WHAT?! Okay at this point I realized they did, in fact, email the right person, lol. Clearly I said YES!!!

Why International Women’s Day?

The importance around this day has gained so much traction and for good reason! Gibson and Nordstrom are showing how much they stand behind this celebration by partnering up with 9 influencers who, in their words, “bring the International Women’s Day theme to life, #balanceforbetter”. We were chosen because of the businesses we have built as driven women, the (much needed) diversity we bring to the industry and for the fact that we are using our platforms not just to grow a business but to truly make an impact in people’s lives in so many different ways.

Who are the other influencers involved?

You are going to love each and every one of these women, I just know it! Linking everyone’s blog below so you can get to know them more!

Hoang -KimColor & Chic
Erin โ€“ Living in Yellow
Chelsea โ€“ LoweCo Petite
Lindsey โ€“ The Mother Chic
Ruthie โ€“ Ruthie Ridley Blog
Rebecca โ€“ Mommy in Heels
Thamarr โ€“ Musings of a Curvy Lady
Mindy โ€“ Mindy Cityy E

When does the collection launch?

Exactly one month from today! March 8th on International Women’s Day. We have all been working so hard behind the scenes for the past few months for this!

What does the “Roselyn” item look like?

Unfortunately I cannot share that yet but I can tell you that it’s so dang cute and it is something that I think you guys will love based on what you have been loving from the blog in the past! I think you guys will love the entire collection as each of the influencers involved are so stylish and each piece really represents each of their styles.

Giving Back

Another amazing thing about this collection is that Gibson/Nordstrom has allowed each of the influencers to choose an organization of their own that will receive a donation from the sales. I chose Arms Wide Adoption. As most of you know, this is the agency that we have been using through our adoption process. Baby Weaver has been the most precious gift ever given to us and the people at Arms Wide Adoption work hard every day to bring families happiness like they have brought to us. I will go into more detail about exactly where that money goes in another post but I did want you all to know that a % from each of your guys’ purchase from this collection will be given to a special, hand selected organization.

Ahhhh, I am still over the moon you guys! It has been so hard keeping this from you! I am excited I can finally share and I am really, really looking forward to sharing the whole collection with you.

March 8th friends!! I’ll keep you all posted with any sneak peeks we can share. Please let me know if you have any questions and be sure to check out the other women that are included in this launch. All of their links are above!

xo, Roselyn