The Style Lynn Life Travels: Dublin, Ireland Itinerary

Hi guys!

I’m so excited to be sharing some of our recent travels with you all! Truth is we got back just last week and I’m already asking the hubby “where was that place that we had that thing?” Haha! I have the worse memory! But I went through the pictures and they definitely brought all the memories back and they also made me realize it kind of looked like we were on a beer drinking tour! 🙂 You can’t help but want to drink all the local beers and live like the Irish when in Ireland, right?!


Casual Style In Paris

Hi there friends!

It looks like I am on a roll with my one post a week over here! I promise to get back to my Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule soon. We are just soaking up every minute of this amazing trip and every time I think “okay I will write a post tonight” I put myself in dessert-coma and then I literally want to do nothing when we get back to our place LOL

I wanted to share something with you today. I have been getting questions about our travels here through Northern Europe and I wanted to let you know what started this whole journey.