Happy Wednesday!

So today I am sharing a special style edit for my sweet friend Ashley.

She will be headed to Coachella in a few short weeks so she was my inspiration for today’s post. Although I am super excited for her trip I’m equally upset she isn’t taking us 🙂 LOL but I would be a bad friend if I didn’t partake in outfit planning!

coachella outfit inspiration


Style_Lynn Edit: Wines Under $15

Monday I shared some of my favorite Houston coffee shops to help you get through the day but today I am sharing some of my favorite wines that help get me through life! 🙂

Also, I figured the hue of this dress was perfect for wine Wednesday 🙂

wine wednesday-bell sleeve dress-lace sleeves wines under $15

Spicy: Jalapino White & Cabanero Red- If you have come over for a get together or invited me to one, I most likely shared a bottle of this with you. It’s SO good! My good friend Sarah introduced me to these! A night I’ll never remember, haha!  I buy them at HEB.

Favorite Whites– Robert Mondavi Reisling & Chateau St. Michelle Pinot Grigio

Rose`: If I want Rose` all day, I can’t be paying $30 per bottle 🙂 I’ve written about Mia before and it’s still one of my favorites! Another fav is Dark Horse.

Reds: Dreaming Tree Cab & Tribunal Red

Something Sweeter: You can’t go wrong with Prima Mazzo Moscato D’Asti but Mad Housewife is also one you should definitely try! Also, the label and name of the Mad Housewife bottle make it perfect for gifting! 🙂

What are some of your favorite wines?! I always love to try new ones so comment with your favorite below.

xo, Roselyn

Style_Lynn Edit: Fall Trend Must Haves

Happy Friday friends!

It is a very happy Friday when I’m on California soil 🙂 If you didn’t catch the behind the scenes action on Snapchat yesterday I’ll be sure to give you an update soon on why the quick work trip to California that included some of my sweet family, but today let’s talk about some fall trends you need!

I know with the ever changing trends some may feel overwhelmed with what pieces they need to add to their wardrobe each season. I will be sharing some of my favorite trends for fall throughout the next couple of months and today we will start with 4 of my favorites.


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Style_Lynn Edit: Guest Room

Happy Friday and cheers to a 3 day weekend! Who’s with me?!

As you may or may not know I have given my guest room and guest room closet a mini makeover. I’ll be sure to share pictures soon! When we purchased our home a couple of years ago the previous owners had repainted the entire house flat white and eggshell. Before we even moved in we painted the entire downstairs area, along the stairs and the game room area. Actually I’m not even sure what to call that space right now. It’s a nice extra space that could be a game room, but is currently housing Fashion Manor inventory. Anywho, it’s painted. 🙂 After all of that work from our sweet friends and ourselves, I was like I’m going to take a paint break for a couple of months and then I’ll paint the rooms.

Well, here we are 3 years later and I am FINALLY getting to the rooms. I chose to start with the guest room because 1) our master bedroom is the largest and has 4 doors (one main one, one to the restroom and 2 to the closet) I refuse to paint all of those doors. I’ll save up my pennies and hire that job out! and 2) our 3rd room that we currently use as an office will hopefully turn into a babies room soon so until then we will office in our #basic flat white and eggshell space.

Long story short, I finally painted the guest room and naturally I feel like it needs all new décor. Initially I just wanted to change the bedding out to white so that I can have all the colorful pillows and of course that internet search had me wanting to update everything else. 🙂

So today I bring you the edited down version of my guest room wish list!


Vases: Dots | Stripes

Wall Art: White Map

Pillow Talk : Hello | Lean On Me | Chic Happens | Dots | Floral | Beach Babe

Room Décor: Books

Bedding: Nordstrom At Home Set

Candles: Kate Spade Dots | Lollia | Diptyque Mimosa

Do you enjoy painting or do you hire someone to do it?! If you enjoy it, you wanna come over?! 🙂 LOL

Thanks for reading loves and wishing you all a blessed holiday weekend!!

xo, Roselyn