The Style Lynn Life Travels: Dublin, Ireland Itinerary

Hi guys!

I’m so excited to be sharing some of our recent travels with you all! Truth is we got back just last week and I’m already asking the hubby “where was that place that we had that thing?” Haha! I have the worse memory! But I went through the pictures and they definitely brought all the memories back and they also made me realize it kind of looked like we were on a beer drinking tour! 🙂 You can’t help but want to drink all the local beers and live like the Irish when in Ireland, right?!


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Why I Love Fiji

“Do you think this is what Heaven will be like?”


So aside from the obvious reasons why one would love Fiji; the beautiful waters, the kind locals and island living. I have a very special, different kind of love for Fiji. Fiji was the location I attended my first Feast. Not only did I go on the amazing tropical vacation I had always dreamed of, but it was a place where I became closer to my faith, closer to God and I believe we even developed a greater strength in our marriage. We had the opportunity to pray with our breathen everyday. It was a beautiful thing focusing on only these things for 10 straight days. Halfway through our stay, we were poolside relaxing and I looked at my husband and joked “do you think this is what Heaven will be like?” LOL. Actually, I was semi joking. 🙂

Maybe you just want to take yourself or you and your family on an amazing vacation. I would highly recommend Fiji Islands. The most expensive part of our travels was the airfare of course, but for those of you who didn’t know will match the lowest price guaranteed all the way until the day of check in. For example, our resort was originally $200 a night and (because my husband kept watching the rates) we ended up paying only $69 a night. YES, you heard me right!! So just do it guys! Paradise for under a $100 a night?! Unreal!

Thanks again for letting me share this extremely special trip with you all. Here’s a few more pictures for fun! They include a hike to Biausevu Waterfall where we had Kava for the first time and one of our last dinners with our new Fijian family where they gave us beautiful handmade gifts. 🙂














Thanks for stopping by you guys! I hope you all had a great weekend even if you did have rain like us Houston folks! I can’t wait to hear about YOUR trip to Fiji! 🙂

xo, Roselyn


Fiji- Day Four & Five

“Let’s go on an adventure!”


Funny story. On this day we walked out to our rental car to head out for a day of shopping and our car battery was dead. While we waited for the guy to come back with jumper cables I asked Brandon to snap some pics of me. LOL. Thank goodness he loves me!



After we soaked up the sun as much as we (Brandon) could handle for the day we headed to Suva, the capital, to have lunch and do some shopping! Suva was about 2 hours from Pacific Harbor so along the way we drove by more sweet villages, schools and all the friendly locals strutting along Queens road waving hello!

IMG_1853[1] IMG_1852[1] IMG_1854[1] IMG_1855[1]

We ran into someone who told us he was the City Councilman. He took us around to different “must see” shops. Basically, like a personal shopper, haha! He let us know what shops put the money back into the villages so that was nice to know and gave us another reason to want to shop. Although, let’s be real I don’t need another reason 🙂


The day my dreams of snorkeling in crystal clear water came true! Seriously, the water was so clear it was almost like you could drink it. Don’t worry, I didn’t. We rode with our church fam to Denarau Marina where a Hydroplane boat awaited us. The boat we took was a one of a kind design with a unique hyrdofoil system that literally makes the boat fly on the water surface. Not to mention the neat glass bottom design that allowed us to view sea life during the day and also the night on the way back to Vita Levu. If you are interested in booking this for your next vacay you can read more here.

IMG_1937[1] IMG_1935[1] IMG_1939[1] IMG_1936[1]

On the boat ride we got to enjoy the amazing view that consisted of other islands (include Castaway Island), beautiful waters and some other “boats” that kind of made me want to live a yacht life!

IMG_1957[1] IMG_1955[1] IMG_1954[1]

Once we got to the private island we enjoyed lunch with a sweet couple from Kentucky (also from our breathen) and then snorkeled the afternoon away with our Fijian family.

IMG_1956[1] IMG_1959[1] IMG_1960[1]IMG_1944[1]

IMG_1940[1] IMG_1942[1]

IMG_1941[1] IMG_1958[1] IMG_1961[1]

Okay, now go back to the close up of the water. I told you it was drinkable 🙂

I think it is safe to say that after day five my feelings about wanting to relocate to Fiji were stronger than ever! I loved every minute we were there and I remembering how much as I write here 🙂  Thanks for letting me sharing these beautiful days with you! More to come!

Happy Saturday!

xo, Roselyn