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Wardrobe Basics I Am Loving + How I Plan To Stay On Track With My Fitness Goals

Our sweet baby has definitely been the biggest blessing in our lives but as you know, most of life’s greatest changes will throw off our regular daily routine. I’m sure a lot of you can relate. Not complaining at all but it did take some time to adjust. I keep saying that we are so fortunate that he is on such a good schedule but even with this perfect baby of ours, we still have to prioritize all the things that need to get done when he goes down for a nap or goes to bed. Do I want to do laundry, clean the house, answer emails, get a workout in or just hang with the hubby while we watch shows and eat Taco Bell? Well, the latter was winning for about 3 weeks straight. 🙂

Finally, when even my comfy pajama pants were getting a little tight I quickly realized it was time to get back on my fitness routine!


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