Pray For Texas


Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out to us. All of our friends and family outside of Texas are seeing the devastation on the news and so worried about us so I just wanted to give everyone an update. Brandon, Tex, Cali and I are safe. Uncle Jon and his kids, Seth and Skyler, have been staying with us all weekend riding out Hurricane Harvey. We have been glued to the news as we watch so much of our city under water. It is heartbreaking you guys. What’s so scary is that the hard rain just started on Friday and by yesterday AM most of the city was flooded. That’s how much rain we have gotten in a short amount of time.

Last night we had our first scare of water getting in the house. It rained so hard in Pasadena that the water in the backyard and in the street started getting backed up. Brandon had to breakdown part of our fence in the back to help the water drain into another part of the yard. We laid down bags of mulch that we had to stop the water from getting in the house. We are some of the lucky ones guys. So many of our friends have received water in their homes and we continuously are watching people still being rescued from their neighborhoods and homes that are filled with 4-5 feet of water.

Pray for Texas please. We expect more rain for the next couple of days. Pray for everyone affected, for our amazing first responders; police officers, firefighters, the coast guard and the amazing citizens of Houston. Yesterday they asked anyone with a boat if they would be willing to come out and help rescue people in need. You guys, it was amazing to watch these people on the news coming out to help on their boats, jet skis and kayaks. I know I am a Californian at heart but these Texans are pretty awesome.

Shelters have been open to people who have had to evacuate and clothing and food donations are already flowing through. If you would like to help here are a few different ways to donate:

  • Amazon– this one is my favorite you guys. Amazon allows people or organizations to create wishlists of what is exactly needed for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The specific one I linked goes to George R Brown Convention Center who is currently hosting thousands of Texans.
  • UMCOR- 100% of the proceeds go the Houston Hurricane Relief Fund. I heard about this organization through a gal I know in the blogging community and I have been watching her and her family/friends rescuing people and taking them into her home. You have my word that this one is legit.
  • Red Cross– I know some people have their opinions about Red Cross but they are out here and they are helping you guys. Again, Houston needs all the help we can get. Even when the weather clears, these families and this city will need help rebuilding. It’s going to take months even years. Please donate as you feel comfortable but linking Red Cross as well because I have donated to them in the past and I am seeing work that they are doing.
  • JJ Watt You Caring Fund– I mean can JJ get anymore amazing? I don’t think so. He has also challenged other athletes and celebrity friends to donate as well. Any amount helps guys.

If you can’t donate funds, here is a list of shelters that need not only toiletries, baby formula/food, diapers, towels, water and non perishable but they are in need of volunteers.

Lastly, Texas will take all the prayers we can get. Prayers are powerful! Also, once Harvey decides he’s ready to leave find a friend or neighbor that needs help cleaning out their home. I’m sure a helping hand will be very much appreciated.

Again, thank you all so much for your messages and calls. I’ll continue to keep everyone update.

Love, Roselyn

Bumble BFF: Finding Your Girl Gang

Hello friends, old and new!

If you have been reading the blog for some time now you know I love meeting new people! So you can understand my excitement when Bumble BFF asked me to partner up with them to advertise their app.

My first 3 thoughts? 1- what a genius idea! 2-Dang, why didn’t I think of that? 3- Finally, I get to swipe left and right! haha 🙂


Honestly, I think the concept is such a great idea. Actually writing an entire blog post wasn’t even part of our agreement but I am so for this app that I felt compelled to write more than my Instagram would allow me words!

4 Reasons You Should Sign Up For the Bumble BFF app

  1. You just moved to a new city- finding new friends when you’re an adult is a little harder than when you are in grade school. In 2nd grade we had new best friends everyday. At a new job in a new city, we may still be trying to figure out if we like our new coworkers enough to hang with them outside of the office.
  2. You are looking for your mom squad- no matter how fun your single girlfriends are, you just want someone you can relate to and talk about your Mom wins with. You want play dates for your angel but you also want adult conversation. Girl, I get it and so do the new mom’s on Bumble BFF
  3. You’re on the complete opposite end of the spectrum and not married and definitely not thinking about kids-find your new besties with this app that you can explore your city with and even travel with! Who needs boys anyway? 🙂
  4. Somewhere in between 2 and 3 like me- I am happily married and have the best girlfriends but most of my girlfriends are either single and ready to mingle or so busy with their kid’s activities. Bumble BFF can help you find girlies with similar interest in your city.

How do you sign up for the BumbleBFF app?

1- Just go to your app store and search BumbleBFF.

2- Once the app is downloaded it will ask you to sign in with some basic info or you can sign in through your Facebook page.

3-Make sure you take the time to fill in your short bio and some of your interests so the app can find you some new gal pals with the same interests.

**Warning: if you are happily married like myself be careful not to accidentally sign up for Bumble, the dating app. It’s essentially the same app so just don’t sign up for the dating site accidentally, lol.

xo, Roselyn



Happy Wednesday beauties!

So I realize I have been saying this more often these days but….what a week!!! Let’s take a breath and a break by shopping some cute items today! As you may have noticed gingham is always a hot trend for spring and summer and this year is no different so today I am sharing the cutest finds under $50.