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Zaful + 5 Trends You Wish Your Parents Would Have Boxed Up For You

Okay, I am so in love with this bell sleeve top. I mean any bell sleeve top these days really but because it’s corduroy it is just so much more fun!

I wore this top for the first time 2 weeks ago and got so many compliments on it and when I came home from work I was in the middle of telling my husband a story and he stops me and asks “did you wear that to work?” I was like “yea, why?” And as he raises his eyebrows he says “I wouldn’t talk to someone at the office if they wore that” OMG, you guys! I can’t make this stuff up! I also didn’t know I was living with the fashion police!! Haha! Oh well, that didn’t stop me from wearing it again yesterday! 🙂 

If you love it, wear it guys! 🙂 


Shirtdress + 7 of my Favorite Shopping Spots in Houston

You made it to Friday, I made it to Friday (barely), we deserve to shop! 🙂


So you may be looking at this outfit thinking, “this isn’t a shirtdress”. Well, it kind of is because if you remember I posted about the dress here and though I loved the print so much I didn’t want to spend the money on buying the exact same print in a top so voila! a little tuck into my boyfriend jeans and we are on our way! 🙂