White Lace + Cutoff Denim

Could you imagine living in an era where pairing delicate lace and cutoff denim shorts or denim in general was unheard of?! Thank goodness we are in the 21st century where anything goes!

If you feel pretty in it, wear it!!


What inspired this outfit you ask? Well…this bipolar Houston weather to be honest! LOL 🙂

This Houston weather can’t really decide what it wants to do so denim shorts and long sleeve tops it is!

I love mixing really feminine pieces with denim for an edgier look. Here it’s the delicate lace top with cutoff shorts and another favorite combo of mine is a feminine floral top with heavily distressed denim. I chose to accessorize with black sandals and a clutch to top off the cool gal vibe.


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Top | Shorts (similar here and here) | Shoes (similar here, here and here) | Clutch (similar here and here) | Sunnies | Earrings | Ring

I hope you all are having an amazing week! We are halfway to the weekend! Yay!

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xo, Roselyn

Off Duty Uniform

“Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti”


I typically choose my #ootd based on how I am feeling on that particular day,  but I think it is safe to say that a graphic tee and blazer is usually what I like to spend the majority of my time in. This outfit definitely includes some of my favorite go-to essentials! Blazer. Denim (although I would typically opt for distressed). Fun Heels. Graphic tee that says it all for me!



Though my favorite jeans are distressed ones those aren’t exactly acceptable to the office yet so I cleaned up this look with some perfect skinnies by Flying Monkey. Also, with this Houston weather that can’t decide what it wants to do, layering is definitely key and chic blazers make it easy! I accessorized with some fun floral heels to brighten up my outfit! It’s always nice to throw in an element of surprise!


Tee | Denim | Floral Heels (similar) | Blazer (similar) here and here Tote (I have had this bag for like 5 years so I linked up 2 similar styles) here and here | Earrings

I hope you all are having a great week! Be sure to check out Dot and Joy for other fun graphic tees. Let’s finish off this week with what this tee tells us to do “Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti”! Aim each day to make one person smile. Whether its a friend or a complete stranger. Everyone is fighting their own battle that we may never know about.

Thanks for stopping by babes! Sending you all good vibes!

xo, Roselyn



New Year…New To Do List

“Success is never getting to the bottom of your to do list”


We are almost through the 2nd week of the year guys! Can you believe it?!




Everyone that knows me, knows that I love distressed denim! My hubby not so much, LOL. I love that you can just throw on a pair of heels with this otherwise grunge look and take it to “street-chic” instantly! I am also loving the floral Adidas logo so I linked up a few styles below!

Adidas Top: Here and similar here and here | Denim: similar here and here | Blazer: similar here and here | Shoes | Bracelet | Handbag

Okay, so now that you have ordered your street-chic look let’s talk about this new to do list! Can you believe we almost through the 2nd week of the year?!

For the past 5 or so years I have not went into the new year with any resolutions rather a personal list of “things I want to accomplish/do this year”. I am a lover of to do list so I like to think of this as a more fun to do list for the year.

Just a few things on my to do list:

  1. Go somewhere I have never been (on my list every year). This holds me accountable for some adventure during our very busy lives
  2. Master bathroom total makeover. Stay tuned for pics! But don’t hold your breath though because I’m not sure this is going to happen first quarter LOL
  3. Total closet reorganizing. Both of my closets! I am wide open for suggestions. I keep “dream pinning”on pinterest and this year I am going to make magic happen.
  4. Take my parents and Brandon’s parents somewhere they’ve never been before. Even though this means cutting back on my monthly clothing budget (insert ugly cry here!) it is a risk I am willing to take!
  5. Make sure I take advantage of every opportunity to show the special people in my life exactly how special they are to me. I have always been a “YES!” person. Many of us are…but saying yes to everyone leaves you less time for the ones who matter most. The ones who have always been there for you. Let’s face it we all have people in our lives that are takers never givers. Pick your squad carefully.

Do you guys make a list every year? I would love to hear what you have!

Thanks for reading today my loves! Get your Friday on!

xo, Roselyn

Puffer Vest & Plaids

“Because I bought it on sale, I actually made money”

-Every girl

Happy Cyber Monday babes! It’s not too late to get this top, vest and shoes at 40% off today!





Plaid Top | Puffer Vest | Denim | Shoes | Earrings & Necklace | Bag

Did you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving?  Full of love, laughs and lots of turkey?! Good! Same here! The Mr. and I hosted Thanksgiving for the 3rd year this year and it turned out amazing. At least if my cooking really was horrible his sweet family would never tell me and they keep coming back every year so I must be doing something right! LOL

I also ran the Houston Turkey Trot 10K as I have for the past 4 years and the weather was just perfect for it! I wish I would have gotten pictures of all of the turkey costumes and tutus!

Did anyone brave the Black Friday crowds?! Or were there crowds? I read retail sales were somewhere down 10% from last year, YIKES! I remember being a retail Buyer and I don’t miss having to come back to that division meeting after the weekend. On the plus side I hear online sales increased and I can say I attributed to that. 🙂 You’re welcome stores all over the globe! Would love to hear what your buys were! If you are loving this vest, plaid top and shoes as much as I am you can still get them at 40% off by shopping the links above!

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New Kid On The Color Block

“New York is always a good idea”







Jacket: The link to this exact jacket is here, but because I love this color block style so much I have linked up my other favorites here, here and here | Denim: Just Black | Shoes: Similar here and here| Hat: Fashion Manor | Necklace: Fashion Manor

This fun shoot took place in Central Park during our NY trip earlier this month. What makes it so fun is that well one, we were in New York which is one of my favorite cities of all time and two, my husband took all of the pictures. Even though taking my blog pics isn’t at the top of his “most fun things to do” list I always love shooting with him because he cracks me up with jokes and his over exaggerated “I’m a photographer” moves. LOL. I love going through the pictures after we shoot because the majority of them are me just mouth wide open laughing hysterically! Thankfully we captured some blog worthy ones 🙂 Also, just a personal thought, isn’t it funny how much a picture tells you and at the same time how much it doesn’t? Looking through these specific ones I can totally see and remember what a great weekend it was. I think these photos show what a great time we were having and the happiness is totally captured. However, what it doesn’t show is that literally minutes before we started this shoot Brandon and I got into a little “argument”. Do you want to know what the argument was? It was because we had a bunch of things we wanted to do that day and he had written a list out and my photoshoot was like 5th on the list. I didn’t understand why he would want me to ruin my hair and have to retouch my makeup. I mean DUH, right? Well after explaining to him he totally understood. In his defense, he was like “I’m a guy. I don’t think of things like that. You look like that all the time”. Flawless? Okay, I forgive you LOL. Needless to say, we continued on with our amazing trip! 🙂

My husband is a NY Jets fan so that was the main reason we booked the trip. Again, taking advantage of the Southwest deals this past June! We both have been to New York several times, but never together so we made sure we did all the tourist things this time around; Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower, Times Square, Rockerfeller Center, Museums, Central Park etc. We also purchased the Big Bus pass for the entire 4 days and I’m so glad we did! We did the ride through Brooklyn, Harlem and the night ride through the city. The night ride also took us over the Manhattan Bridge which gave us the most amazing views. I would highly recommend the Big Bus experience! It may take you through parts you didn’t plan on going and gives you the opportunity to take amazing pics!

Thank you so much for stopping by!! Happy Monday and Happy Thanksgiving week!!

xo, Roselyn