American Diabetes Association + Tour De Cure

Committing to ride 35 miles is no easy task, but neither is living with Diabetes.

As some of you may know, I signed up to ride in ADA’s 25th Tour de Cure event this year. Am I an avid cyclist? No. Do I have diabetes? No. So why did I sign up to ride you ask? Because over 29 million people in the United States alone have diabetes. Because on top of that 29 million, 86 million more have been diagnosed with prediabetes. There’s a good chance that you know someone that is living with Diabetes today.


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Factual Friday

I’m not sure how fun that title sounds, but fun fact Friday might have sounded too fun for this post 🙂

I wanted to share a “day in the life” with me. I truly love reading posts from my internet friends and finding out new things about them. For instance the other day I was scrolling through Instagram and saw someone that I had been following FOREVER and I just noticed she had kids. Then I actually met a fellow fashionista who I later found out was an engineer. I was like dang these girls are killing it and seem to have a great balance and have it all under control!

But the truth is, the more I talk to people like these 2 successful women, though they are succeeding in the blogging game they struggle to meet deadlines like everyone else and have to battle doing the every day (not so fun tasks) like everyone else.

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Headbands of Hope



I’m not sure about you, but putting on a flower crown makes me feel instantly pretty!

What if I told you that purchasing one of these great styles from Headbands of Hope, you could make a sweet child going through the trials of cancer feel that pretty too?

 For every headband sold at Headbands of Hope, one is donated to a child with cancer. Not only does Headbands of Hope donate a headband for every purchase, but they also conduct flash sales weeks where 10% of all sales are donated to a nominated childhood cancer charity.

Founder, Jessica Ekstrom, interned with a wish granting organization in 2011 and after seeing first hand how much the sweet little girls loved wearing headbands after losing their hair to chemotherapy she started Headbands of Hope her junior year of college. I don’t know about you, but I like to call her a saint! They have even started a boys line so they can put even more smiles in the hospitals. Since 2012 they have donated to every children’s hospital in the United States!


The dress I am wearing above is like 3 years old so I couldn’t link it, but I am linking 3 great maxi dresses below with the perfect complimenting headband. Shoes are from Jade Creek Boutique.


Outfit One: Maxi & Flower Crown

Outfit Two: Maxi & Daisy Headdress

Outfit Three: Maxi & Flower Crown

Purchase a headband for yourself or one for a friend so we can all help Jessica and Headbands of Hope spread the love and increase the smiles of these sweet souls one headband at a time!

As always, thank you so much for reading beautiful friends!! Now let’s go spread the love!

xo, Roselyn

**This post was done in collaboration with Headbands of Hope