Statement Sweatshirts + StyleWe

Happy Wednesday beauties!

Sorry I have been totally MIA here and on social media, but if you are friends with my Mom on Facebook you know that I am still alive and well 🙂

We are still currently in California on vacation and spending every second possible with my sweet fam. Every moment is precious and well can’t I just pack everyone up and take them back to Texas?! Still working on getting them to move there!

Anyway, I just wanted to check in with you all so you know I am still here 🙂 Plus I convinced my nephew to take my photos this week and needed to share this velvet beauty of a sweatshirt from StyleWe with you!


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Casual Friday + Things Texans Don’t Say

Happy Friyay!

I’m not sure if you remember, but  a few months ago I wrote a post called “Things Californians Don’t Say”. If you didn’t catch it, you can read it here.

Us Californians don’t have all the fun sayings like the South like “madder than a wet hen” but, we do have some verbiage that I catch myself saying in conversation and it is immediately followed by someone asking where I am from. So today I am sharing things I will forever say because the Californian in me!


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Style A Plaid Shirt 3 Different Ways

Happy Monday!

Tis the season of plaid shirts and today I am sharing 3 different ways to style one! I especially love this button up from Nordstrom because it does not wrinkle easily which makes it perfect for packing for your December travels!

A top that doesn’t wrinkle easily and can be worn so many different ways is a must have in my book!

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Casual Style In Paris

Hi there friends!

It looks like I am on a roll with my one post a week over here! I promise to get back to my Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule soon. We are just soaking up every minute of this amazing trip and every time I think “okay I will write a post tonight” I put myself in dessert-coma and then I literally want to do nothing when we get back to our place LOL

I wanted to share something with you today. I have been getting questions about our travels here through Northern Europe and I wanted to let you know what started this whole journey.


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